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Here’s The Safest Hideout In Zombie Apocalypse

According to research, here’s the safest hideout in a zombie apocalypse. (Photo courtesy of The Independent)

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Woman Who Beheaded Owl On Video, Killed Outside Her Home In Columbia

A woman who posted a video of herself beheading an owl on social media was reportedly shot and killed Sunday by two assailants outside her…

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Russia Barred From Major Sports Competitions For Two Years For Doping Scandal

At the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland, a decision was made to bar Russia from the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo next…

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South African Farmer Mauled To Death By Pet Hippo

South African farmer mauled to death by pet hippo. (Photo courtesy of News 18)

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Blood Of Naples Saint Fails To Liquify; Seen As Bad Omen

Blood of Naples saint fails to liquefy; seen as a bad omen. (Photo courtesy of Yahoo News)  

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Japanese Space Probe Brings Back Black Sandy Dust From Asteroid Ryugu

Black sandy dust found in a capsule brought to Earth by a Japanese space probe is from the distant asteroid Ryugu, scientists confirmed after opening…

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Elon Musk’s Plans To Build Tesla Plant In Germany Stalled By Hibernating Snake

Elon Musk’s plans to build a new Tesla plant in Germany have been stalled by a hibernating snake. (Photo courtesy of Monaco Nature Encyclopedia)

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Australian Woman Falls And Dies Attempting To Take Selfie At Edge Of 262 Foot Cliff

Australian woman falls and dies in attempt to take selfie at edge of 262 foot cliff. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

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Japan Spending $19 Million On AI Matchmaking To Boost Declining Birthrate

Japan spending $19 million on AI matchmaking to boost declining birth rate. Photo courtesy of Unilad)

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Woman Who Owns House Where Banksy Painting Appeared Overnight Has Backed Out Of Its Sale; was Worth £300,00, Now Worth £5 Million

Woman who owns the house where Banksy mural appeared overnight has pulled out of sale of her home. She changed her mind after finding her…

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