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Russian Module Unexpectedly Fires Thrusters After Docking To ISS

Russian module unexpectedly fires thrusters after docking to ISS. https :// (Photo courtesy of Gizmodo)

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French Dad Builds Robotic Suit That Enables Son To Walk

French dad and robotics engineer Jean-Louis Constanza built a robotic suit for his 16-year-old son Oscar that allows him to walk. (Photo courtesy of…

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Jeff Bezos Launched 66 Miles Into Space

Jeff Bezos launched 66 miles into space, spent 4 minutes in zero gravity. (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

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UK Woman Claims She Was Attacked By Angry Ghost

A UK woman claims she was attacked by an angry ghost. (Photo courtesy of Daily Star)

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Fingerprint Found On Renaissance Wax Sculpture May Belong To Michelangelo

A fingerprint found in the Victoria and Albert Museum on a Renaissance wax sculpture may belong to Michelangelo. (Photo courtesy of Victoria and Albert…

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Tokyo Olympics Will Go On; But No Spectators Allowed

Tokyo Olympics will go on as planned, but no spectators will be allowed. (Photo courtesy of CNET)

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Drawing Of Bear Head By Da Vinci Sells For Record £8.8m

A drawing of a bear’s head by Leonardo da Vinci sold for a record £8.8m ($12.1m) at a London auction. (Photo courtesy of The…

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Student Captures Photo Of UFO Hovering Above Devon Coast

Student captures pic of UFO hovering over Devon coast. (Photo courtesy of SWNS)

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Ukrainian Army Defends Decision To Make Female Soldiers March In High Heels

Ukrainian army defends decision to make female soldiers march in high heels. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

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UFOs And Aliens In Germany

UFOs and aliens in Germany. (Photo courtesy of

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