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Alaska Publisher Will Give Newspaper To Editor Who Will Move To Skagway

Alaska publisher offers to give his newspaper away to new editor; the only catch is he has to move to Skagway. (Photo courtesy of…

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NASA’s Underwater Rover Could Help Search For Alien Life

NASA’s new underwater rover will one day help in exploring alien ocean worlds in the search for life. (Photo courtesy of Time)

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Florida Man Robs Bank, Given Too Much Money, Asks For Less

Florida Man robbing a bank tells the teller he gave him too much money, wanted less. Teller gave him less, and robber left. (Photo…

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Researcher Startled When 9 Foot Great White Shark Breaches Just Below Him

Researcher is startled when great white shark jumps out of water right beneath him. (Photo courtesy of USA Today)

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Devil Worm Has Had Its Genome Mapped

The devil worm, a nematode that lives a mile beneath the Earth’s surface, has had its genome mapped. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

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Sad North Pole News; Ice Sculpture Park Won’t Open Due To Lack Of Ice

Sad North Pole news; the annual Christmas Ice Sculpture Park won’t open this year in North Pole, Alaska, because of a lack of ice.’s-‘christmas-ice’-canceled-amid-lack-ice…

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NASA Denies There Are Insect-Like Creatures On Mars

In response to recent claims by Ohio University professor, NASA denies there are reptile and insect-like creatures on Mars. (Photo courtesy of Fox News)

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Michigan Neighbors Use Tree Saw To Cut Deer Antlers That Got Tangled In Fight

Michigan neighbors got a tree saw, and cut two bucks loose from each other. They had been fighting, and their antlers had become entangled. After…

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Congressman Eric Swalwell Was In Middle Of An Interview On Live TV, Paused, And Appears To Let Go Of Hefty Fart

Congressman Eric Swalwell was in the middle of an interview on live TV, when he paused mid-sentence, and appeared to let go with a hefty…

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Japanese Hotel Offers $1.00 Per Night Rate; But Entire Stay Must Be Live-Streamed

Japanese hotel costs $1.00 per night. There is a catch; the entire stay has to be live-streamed. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

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