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Australian Environmentalists Want Fallen Trees From Bushfires To Be Used As Shelter For Wildlife Instead Of Mulch

Australian environmentalists want fallen trees from bushfires used to shelter wildlife instead of being used for mulch. (Photo courtesy of

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Planters Pausing Online Death Of Mr Peanut Following Death Of Kobe Bryant

Planters announced on Monday that it would “pause” its online campaign promoting the sudden death of its mascot Mr. Peanut, following the tragic death of…

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Firefighters Free Woman’s Finger Stuck In Sink Overflow Drain

Firefighters freed a woman whose finger was stuck in the sink overflow drain in her bathroom. (Photo courtesy of London Fire Brigade)

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Florida Man Arrested For Shining Laser Pointer At Planes, Temporarily Blinding Pilots

Florida Man arrested for flashing a laser pointer at planes, temporarily blinding pilots. (Photo courtesy of Fox News)

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Canadian Oil Patch Worker Rescues 3 Kittens Frozen To Ice

Canadian worked on Alberta oil patch saves three little kittens who were frozen to ice. He used coffee, and unfroze their tails. (Photo courtesy…

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UFOs Sightings Reported To RAF Will Be Published For First Time Online

UFO sightings reported to the RAF will be published for the first time online. (Photo courtesy of PA)

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Trump Spiritual Advisor, Paula White, Commands Satanic Pregnancies Miscarry

A Trump spiritual advisor commands satanic pregnancies be miscarried. (Photo courtesy of The Guardian)

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Deadly Tiger Shark Gently Takes Fish From Hand Of Free Diver

Deadly tiger shark gently takes fish out of the hand of a free diver in the Atlantic Ocean. (Photo courtesy of Alamy)

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Cobbler Whose Thumb Was Cut Off In Accident, Has Had It Replaced With Toe

Cobbler’s thumb cut off in accident, has had it replaced with one of his toes.  (Photo courtesy of Fox News)

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Will Surgical Masks Prevent Acquiring Diseases?

“Surgical masks will not prevent your acquiring diseases,” said Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine and infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University, and the…

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