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What Appears To Be Voodoo Doll Washes Up On Cape Canaveral Beach

What appears to be a Voodoo doll, made of coconut shells, human teeth, and snakeskin, washes up on Cape Canaveral Beach. (Photo courtesy of…

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Roman Forum Find Could Be Shrine To Romulus, Founder Of Rome

A Roman forum find could be long lost shrine to Rome’s founder and first king, Romulus. (Photo courtesy of Airdrie Today)

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African Killfish Can Put Aging On Pause

African killfish can put aging on pause. The African turquoise killifish might not live long but, during development, it will stop growing and wait for…

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McDonalds Employee Hears Demonic Sounds, Screaming Woman Inside Restaurant

In Pueblo, Colorado a terrified McDonald’s employees called police after hearing “demonic sounds from a screaming woman” inside the restaurant. (Photo courtesy Towinn)

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Wall Made Of Human Bones Found Near Belgian Cathedral

Wall made from human bones and skulls, believed to be nearly 500 years old, found near Belgian cathedral. (Photo courtesy of Mirror)

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The Government’s Secret UFO Program Discussed In Detail

Popular Mechanics writer, Tim McMillan, uncovers and discusses the government’s secret UFO Program. (Photo courtesy of popular Mechanics)

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Atlanta Prosecutor Deciding Whether To Open Investigation Into James Brown’s Death

A prosecutor in Atlanta will decide whether to open a formal investigation after meeting with a woman who says she has evidence legendary singer James…

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Documentary Claims Tupac Shakur Faked Own Death, Living With Navajo Tribe In New Mexico

New documentary claims Tupac Shakur faked his death, fled medical center, and lives with Navajo tribe in New Mexico. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

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Mystery Radio Signal From Deep Space Repeating 16 Day Cycle

A mystery radio signal from deep space appears to be repeating a 16 day cycle. (Photo courtesy of

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Second Monarch Butterfly Activist In Mexico Found Dead Within A Week

A second monarch butterfly activist in Mexico has been found dead, just two days after funeral of Homero Gómez. (Photo courtesy of BBC)

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