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Man Under Quarantine Builds Tiny Picnic Tables For Squirrels In Neighborhood

A man built a tiny picnic table for the squirrels in his neighborhood to eat on — an idea that has charmed Twitter so much,…

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Female Athletes Competing Against Male Transgender Athletes Unfair

Female athletes say competing against male transgender athletes unfair. Photo courtesy of Hanford Courant)  

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New Orleans Father And Son Invent Social Distancing Circle

New Orleans father and son invent a Social Distancing Circle out of pipes and tarp. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Pacific Snake Eel Found Struggling On Oregon Beach

Pacific snake eel found struggling on Oregon beach. Only third number of its species to be found on a state beach. (Photo courtesy of…

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Michigan Couple’s Wedding Guests Will Be Cardboard

Michigan couple’s wedding to be attended by cardboard guests. (Photo courtesy of CTV News)

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Spaced Out Radio News – Website Issues

Spaced Out Radio News Website Issues We want to keep all listeners up to date on SOR news, as it happens. Currently, we are experiencing…

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NASA Will Show You The Picture Hubble Space Telescope Took On Your Birthday

NASA will show you the photograph Hubble Space Telescope took on your birthday. (Photo courtesy of NASA)

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Chinese City, Shenzhen, Bans Eating Cats And Dogs

Chinese city, Shenzhen, bans eating cats and dogs. (Photo courtesy of Daily Express)

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Newfoundland Snowmobilers Rescue Massive Moose Stuck In Snow Hole

Kind hearted snowmobilers In Newfoundland rescue massive moose trapped in deep hole in the snow. (Photo courtesy of Mailonline)

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Churchgoers Flock To Hear Louisiana Pastor Despite Virus Ban

Churchgoers continue to flock to hear a Louisiana pastor despite Coronavirus ban. After services people were hugging and shaking hands as though nothing had changed….

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