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If This Is True, The Bigfoot Community Should Be Upset!

Dave’s Write Away By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio If This Is True, The Bigfoot Community Should Be Upset! Last week, we had the…

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Bigfoot Spotted Alongside Northern California Roadway

A wooden statue of Bigfoot was recovered by police after being seen along a road north of Santa Cruz, California last Thursday. (Photo courtesy…

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Dave’s Laundry & The Last Crypto Brew

The World Around Me Filtered Through My Eyes By Fylth Dave’s Laundry & The Last Crypto Brew  

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British Columbia Woman Finds Bigfoot Print

British Columbia woman finds, what she believes to be, Bigfoot print near Lumby. (Photo courtesy of Sarah McRann)

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Big Foot Sightings In Turkey Mountain, Oklahoma

Several people at Turkey Mountain in Oklahoma have reported seeing a Sasquatch in the area. It’s being investigated by local authorities. (Photo courtesy of…

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The Guardians

Other Realms Contact Seekers By MoonJoey The Guardians Some of you may have heard the incredible story of little Casey Hathaway, a 3-year-old boy who…

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Cryptid Heavyweight Championship

The World Around Me Filtered Through My Eyes By Fylth Cryptid Heavyweight Championship 

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The Black Vault Posts Pic Of Same Bigfoot-Like Figure From Washington DOT, Only New One Is From 7 Months Ago

The Black Vault posts pic of Washington DOT Bigfoot photo captured by traffic camera at Sherman Pass, and a pic of very same spot with…

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Washington Department Of Transportation Captures Video Of Possible Bigfoot At Sherman Pass

Washington DOT catches video of possible Bigfoot on traffic camera at Sherman Pass in Ferry County. (Photo courtesy of Washington DOT)

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Bigfoot/UFO Story From Chase County Lake, Kansas, 2009

Story about Bigfoot/UFO encounter in Chase County, Kansas, 2009. (Photo courtesy of Phantoms and Monsters)

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