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Space Walker Christina Koch’s Spacesuit Glove Got Contaminated During Historic Space Walk Friday

One of Christina Koch’s gloves got contaminated during her historic spacewalk on Friday. (Photo courtesy of NASA)

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11,000 Zombies Go On Bike Ride In Key West, Florida

11,000 zombies go for a bike ride in Key West, Florida. (Photo courtesy of Sun Sentinel)

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Haunted House In Tennessee Is Billed As Scariest In World: Requires Waiver, Health Exam, Background Check

A Tennessee haunted house billed as the scariest in the world requires visitors to sign a 40-page waiver, pass a physical and undergo a background check…

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Canada Federal Elections: CBC Projects Justin Trudeau Wins; Will Form Liberal Minority Government

Canada Federal Election 2019: CBC is projecting the Liberal Party will win with Justin Trudeau forming a Liberal Minority Government. (Photo courtesy of

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Collecting Witness Testimony; It Must Never Be Accepted At Face Value

Collecting WitnessTestimony; It Must Never Be Accepted At Face Value By William Pullin, UFO Historian Greetings! Collecting. The process of collecting witness testimony is an…

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Knowing Ghosts vs Believing In Them – An Opinion

KNOWING GHOSTS VS BELIEVING IN THEM – AN OPINION By MoonJoey Since the early 19th Century people have increasingly become enamored by the idea of…

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Japan Domino’s Selling Hallowe’en Roulette Pizza, With One Random Slice Slathered In Ghost Pepper Sauce

Japan’s Domino‘s Pizza selling Hallowe’en Roulette pizza with one random slice slathered in ghost pepper sauce. (Photo courtesy of Sora News 24)

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Could Protein Spun Like Cotton Candy Make Lab Grown Steak?

Could protein spun like cotton candy make lab grown steak possible? (Photo courtesy of Gizmodo)

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Porn Star, Who Goes By Bridget The Midget, Breaks Into Boyfriend’s Home, Stabs Him In Leg With Butter Knife Because He Has Another Woman With Him

Porn star, who goes by the name Bridget the Midget, breaks into boyfriend’s home and stabs him in leg with butter knife, because he has…

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Olympics Add Skateboarding Sport, Need ‘Cool Factor’ Skateboarding Brings

Skateboarding sport joins the Olympics. Belief is the Olympics need the ‘cool factor’ skateboarding brings. (Photo courtesy of Van Parks Series)

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