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Journalism: Pro’s vs Joe’s And George Knapp

Dave’s Write Away By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio   Journalism: Pro’s vs Joe’s And          George Knapp The world of…

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British Garden Stores Are Facing Gnome Shortage

British garden stores facing gnome shortage. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Cop Tackles Grandma With Dementia While She Was Picking Flowers

Police tackle grandma with dementia who was picking flowers. (Photo courtesy of Newsweek)

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Prince Philip Was Very Much Interested In UFOs And Aliens

Prince Philip was very much interested in aliens and UFOs. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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Scientists Create Embryos That Are Mix Of Human And Monkey Cells

For the first time, scientists have created embryos that are a mix of human and monkey cells. (Photo courtesy of Weizhi Ji/Kunming University of…

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Mystery Beast In Tree Turns Out To Be Croissant

Mystery beast in tree turns out to be a croissant. (Photo courtesy of BBC)

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William Amos, Canadian Politician, Seen Naked In Work Zoom Call

William Amos, Canadian politician, seen naked in work Zoom call. (Photo courtesy of Toronto Sun)

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Pentagon Officially Verifies Video Of Triangular Shaped UFO Craft Swarming Above US Destroyer Is Real

The Pentagon has officially verified that night-vision video circulating of unidentified, triangular aerial craft swarming around the Navy’s Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Russell in 2019…

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Police Disarm UFO Detector In New Jersey State Park

Police disarm UFO detector in New Jersey state park. (Photo courtesy of NJSPP)

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Breakthrough Discuss Conference’s Theme Was Alpha Centauri And Goal To Send Mission There

Alpha Centauri was the 2021 Breakthrough Discuss conference’s main theme. ,Breakthrough’s goal is to send a mission to our neighboring star system within the next…

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