Canadian UFO Sightings Sent To US Military

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio

Canadian UFO Sightings Sent To US Military

If  you’re Canadian, and have seen an Unidentified Flying Object, you may want to think twice about reporting your sighting to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, unless you want your personal information shared with the United States military.  Yes, it’s very true.  I stumbled on this story three years ago in a conversation with a member of the RCMP who is ex-Canadian Armed Forces.  But in between, information has been slow to confirm.

I had asked this RCMP Constable what the CCMP protocol was for UFO sightings that were reported in.  Imagine my shock and awe when he didn’t laugh at or deny the question!  His response was, “In the air or on the ground?”  What?  I was speechless and dumbfounded to actually hear this coming from an officer whom I’d never discussed anything personal with before?  I expressed my feelings of shock to him, when he laughed and said that I had asked the right guy at the right time, considering he spent his previous career with the CAF.

The reason I was keen and interested in this topic was because on Spaced Out Radio it didn’t make sense to me as to why so many Canadian “Experiencers” that I’d interviewed over the years had explained scary stories with some pretty ‘American’ accusations.  Stories we only hear coming out of the United States; military abductions otherwise known as MiLabs, Men in Black, phone taps, FBI, CIA, and visits from other alphabet agencies, MK Ultra.  Knowing that Canada has never been big advocates of spending money in so-called ‘black projects’, it really didn’t make sense as to why the people I interviewed were having these occurrences?  Were they exaggerating their encounters for more publicity?  Something was off, one way or another.

But it all clicked in after speaking with the Mountie.  I asked the officer, “Let’s start in the air”.  He said okay, the stated that if a report comes into 9-1-1 about a UFO, the staff sergeant on duty immediately calls RCMP headquarters in Ottawa, who then immediately calls NORAD at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, who will then dispatch the two closest CF-18 Hornets to try and intercept the craft.  Interesting!  So I followed up with asking what if the craft was landed on the ground?  The officer replied, “Well that I’m not too sure of.  I’d expect it to be the same protocol.  However, if there isn’t a military base close enough to where the incident has occurred, they’d likely call us (RCMP) in to cordon off the area until the military can arrive.”

I’m standing there stunned to be having this conversation with this Mountie.  I didn’t want to press him too upset him with the direction of the questions. So I followed up with, “So what you’re saying is that if I don’t want to have my information fall into the hands of the United States military and government, don’t report UFO sightings to the RCMP?” which I followed up with a laugh.  He laughed back exclaiming, “Well I can’t say that, I mean everyone should feel safe reporting anything to the RCMP at anytime.”  I thanked him for his time and that’s where the conversation ended.

A few months later I had a woman interrupt a conversation I was having with a person on this exact topic.  She immediately showed me her buffalo pendant.  The Buffalo is one of the symbols of the RCMP.  She proclaimed she’d worked for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for over 20-years as a dispatcher.  After overhearing my conversation with this gentleman, she stated that everything she heard me say is true.  She’d taken the UFO calls.  But she filled in some other holes that I didn’t know about.  Including the fact that when a UFO call comes into dispatch, the file immediately goes to a special folder on the Staff Sergeant’s desk.  The Staff Sergeant on duty must immediately drop everything he or she is doing and immediately call in the UFO to HQ in Canada’s capital of Ottawa. Why?  Because of National Security.

A few days ago, I had this confirmed by an ‘insider’ I have who works for a Member of Parliament, and a member of the Conservative Party of Canada.  This person, who happened to listen to Spaced Out Radio, reached out to me because of my interest in trying to understand the tight lipped nature that the Canadian Government has on this subject matter.  However, my ‘source’ reached out to me recently and confirmed the suspicions I had regarding the connection between the Canadian and United States government regarding the UAP phenomenon.  A year ago, I asked former Canadian Minister of Defense about this.  According to Mr. Paul Hellyer, who in his mid 90’s is still a part of Canada’s Privy Council, there is a tiny hidden sect in Ottawa, whose job is to look into the phenomenon, and they take it very seriously. “I am told that there is a group that occupies one floor of the National Research Council building. A former Mountie confirmed in writing that the RCMP was involved.” This ‘special’ group also has had contact.

The Honourable Mr. Hellyer, stated his ‘source’ was opened to this hidden group, and had “inadvertently told him that Canada had been in touch with two alien species on the assumption that he was in the loop, but went mum as soon as they realized he wasn’t.” The security of the matter, which is likely tied to the United States Government as well, keeps this a very quiet topic. The former Minister of Defense believes the secrecy keeps every day politicians out of the loop because they talk too much. “I would guess that a very small clique of the civil service are quite well informed but have strict instructions not to discuss the subject outside their own little circle.” That meaning some MP’s in Ottawa would be a little too boisterous publicly on matters of National Security and Defense. But, partly, according to Hellyer, the Minister of National Defense would have tidbits of information, but not anything of significance concerning Canadian Black Ops programs such as UFOs and ET Contact.

But some are trying, as my ‘source’ provided some detail to me with this report:


In the vicinity of: INVERMERE BC (CAA8)


British Columbia

TC Region:

Pacific Region



World Area:

North America

Reported By:


AOR Number:


TSB Class Of Investigation:

TSB Occurrence No:


Occurrence Event Information

  • Weather balloon, meteor, rocket, CIRVIS/UFO

Aircraft Information

Occurrence Summary

Date Entered:



An unidentified flying object (UFO) report was made to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) detachment. North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) mission crew commander advised and detailed report sent.


As you can see at the bottom, the report was sent to NORAD mission crew commander.  This report also states NAV Canada along with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada are also involved with this 2015 event.

Earlier this year, I sent a bulk email out to nine Canadian Members of Parliament.  Canada has three major parties, the Liberal Party of Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party.  I randomly chose three people from each party, including my own sitting MP, Cathy McLeod.  I sent out the first email in July. The second in August with no response from any of the members.  Impressively, she sent me this, on September 25th, 2020:

Dear Dave,


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.


The Canadian government hosts a publicly searchable archive of government records about UFOs dating back to the 1950s (


Further, it is my understanding that meteorites and/or shooting lights in the sky have been studied by the National Research Council, with assistance from the RCMP. In addition, according to the Department of National Defence, sightings of unidentified airborne objects are reported to NAV Canada.


Stay safe,


Cathy McLeod, MP


It was nice to have confirmation from the Member of Parliament and my ‘source’ that NAV Canada is involved with the collection of these reports.  What was disappointing was that she didn’t mention about the reports going to NORAD?  When the RCMP take a report, they are asking for your legal name, birthdate, phone number, address and email, along with the details of who else witnessed the sighting.  Pretty personal information written on that report.  At no time is the public in recognition their information is now part of a dossier in NORAD and the hands of the United States military for reporting a UFO sighting to the police.  It’s a dangerous aspect many Canadians don’t know or understand.  It’s definitely something many Canadians should be weary of when trying to do what’s right, which is calling the police.


Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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