Bigfoot: Monkey Or Mythical?

By Dave Scott: Host, Spaced Out Radio
So a couple weeks ago, I had the privilege to attend and speak at the fourth annual Forest Moon Paracon in Washington State.  Eric and Issy Cooper put on a great event as per usual.  It’s so laid back and relaxed that it relaxes me, to be around friends and people of the same ilk.  That’s a real rarity and treat for me.  The hard work put in by Cooper’s crew is amazing.  From the speaker’s barbecue to the event itself, Cooper and his team work their tails off to bring what I think is one of the best events I have attended as a speaker or person in the audience.  Keep up the great work FMP.  The event really shows your love and respect for the paranormal.
Although, there was one little thing that really grated on my nerves. Canadian Bigfoot researcher Jason Jordan brought in a friend named Jason with him to talk about Sasquatch.  They brought in castings of footprints and one hand print, which I had never seen before.  We shall call them Jason One and Jason Two.  Jason Two was part of the Big Foot Research Organisation in Canada (BFRO Canada).  This is a group that looks to scientifically prove the existence of Sasquatch.   Jason Two, was the more outspoken of the two, as he had more experience than Jason One in the field of research.  He was also quite matter of fact.  What I found a little awkward during his speaking was he kept referring to Sasquatch as the ‘Big Hairy Monkey’.  He was quite dismissive of other evidence of encounters that have been reported.  Although the speech by Jason One and Jason Two was quite detailed and informative, especially with patterns they had noticed, there was a lot of information that was left out, which is what I will get to in a paragraph below.  The Jason’s also blew off the idea of doing a sasquatch gifting site for people who had interest doing it.  Very sarcastically walking away from the front, and making snide comments, paraphrasing here, calling gifting sites a joke.  This was against the picture I know Eric and the rest of FMP stood for, as their paracon is quite open minded to believing numerous theories to what this creature is.  Part of the agreement FMP had with Jason One was to talk about the Bigfoot gifting site, which both Jason’s seemed to have no time for, for unknown reasons.
Now this got old Dave’s blood boiling.  As I was the next and final speaker of the day.  I was quite agitated for a couple of reasons.  Not that it wasn’t a great presentation, because it was.  But for two reasons.  One, the continuous calling of sasquatch as a monkey.  And two, I have a sasquatch gifting site.  So even though I know the two Jason’s weren’t taking a shot at me personally, it’s got me thinking over the last couple of weeks, since this happened.  And I’m still a little miffed about it.  Now this may sound brash, but I strongly believe the reason why we haven’t been able to prove the existence of sasquatch is because of the narrow mindedness of researchers like Jason Two.
FACT!  We don’t know what this creature is.  I realize I’m personally in the minority because one of my experiences was very supernatural.  Plus if we add in the legends and lore of the indigenous people around North America, we open up a bunch of new theories as to what the elusive Bigfoot may be?  But some members of the BFRO like this Jason fellow aren’t buying the legends.  This is where the problem comes in.  These non-scientists hide behind the word, ‘science’, to knock down alternative theories.  Their refusal to even go down the supernatural path because of personal belief and opinion hinders what could be a giant part (no pun intended) of their investigation in proving or disproving their existence.
Science, even today, is still a very subjective subject because there is so much we don’t know.  We’re only scratching the surface of what’s truly out there, thanks to the advance of technology, which has taken science and scientists to new levels of research the last two decades especially.  Closing the door to potential theory, whether you personally believe it or not, is not scientific.  And if you’re out in the field shying away from any sort of theory, supernatural or not, you are not conducting anything scientific, you are conducting opinion.  There’s a giant difference between the two that cannot be overlooked.  Nor should it.
Stories of this creature disappearing in front of people’s eyes.  Footprints just ending in the snow, when there’s nothing there to stop the creature.  How we have never found a body or tangible evidence outside of prints?  Why is that?  What causes this creature to be seen almost everywhere in North America’s forests, yet we can’t find any definitive proof of its existence.  The time for eye witness testimony is over.  We want proof.  Well you can’t have proof if you’re eliminating potential theories because you personally don’t believe in it.
It’s disappointing to see because we could be stepping over a real Pandora’s box of information if we just kept an open mind to this subject.  There are some brilliant people, scientists and non-scientists alike who are pushing their research further and further into the forest.  Stop denying the experiences or the theories others have that don’t fully match yours.  If someone believes and has evidence their ‘gifting site’ works, then take the evidence for what it’s worth.  You may find clues that you’ve never discovered before.  My gifting site, to be honest, has been a bit of a bust.  But I leave it there because that’s where we’ve found prints in the forest before.  So what does it hurt to keep it there in case something magical does happen?
Open your minds people.  We might push this further than just some silly, narrow minded theories of a monkey running around our forests!

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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