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Two New Dinosaur Species Discovered In Argentina

Two new dinosaur species have been discovered in Argentina. (Photo courtesy of The Independent)

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Washington State Patrol Pulls Over SUV For Too Many Christmas Lights

Festive SUV pulled over by Washington State Patrol for having excessive Christmas lights. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Python Regrets Fight With Honey Badger

Python immediately regrets mixing it up with honey badger. (Photo courtesy of Roselyne Kerjosse/Caters)

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NFL Player, Richard Sherman, Gives $27,000 To Clear Up Needy Kids’ School Lunch Debt

NFL player, Richard Sherman, has given  $27,000 to clear up needy kids’ school lunch debts. (Photo courtesy of

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Santa And Soldiers Bring Joy To Alaskan Village In Crisis; It’s Falling Into Kuskokwim River

Santa and soldiers bring joy to Alaskan village in crisis; it’s falling into Kuskokwim River. (Photo courtesy of Yahoo News)

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Rule Being Proposed For Disclosure Of Accidental Release Of Chemicals

Rule being proposed for disclosure of accidental release of chemicals. (Photo courtesy of Bloomberg Environment)

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Six Great White Sharks Reported Swimming Off Coast Of Florida

Six great white sharks have been tracked swimming off coast of Florida. (Photo courtesy of nationalgeographic)  

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Nevada Governor Pans Counties’ Requests For Disaster Relief Funds For ‘Storm Area 51‘ Event

Nevada governor pans counties’ requests for ‘Storm Area 51’ disaster relief financial aid. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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What Baby T.rex Really Looked Like

What baby T.rex really looked like. (Photo courtesy of

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TIME Announces Person Of Year Is Greta Thunberg

TIME announces Person Of Year is climate activist, Greta Thunberg. (Photo courtesy of TIME)

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