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NASA Sets May 27th Date For Historic SpaceX Launch

NASA sets May 27th date for historic SpaceX launch with crew aboard. (Photo courtesy of SpaceX)

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COVID-19 Has Taught Us The Rich Don’t Know How To Use Vacuum Cleaners, Other Household Items

COVID-19 has taught us the rich don’t know how to use vacuum cleaners and other household items. (Photo courtesy of Wall Street Journal)

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Ancient Chinese Skeleton Offers Evidence Of Sacrificial Custom

Chinese discovery of kneeling, decapitated skeleton offers evidence of ancient sacrificial custom. (Photo courtesy of Gizmodo)

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US-Russian Crew From ISS Lands Safely In Kazakhstan

A U.S.-Russian crew landed safely Friday in the steppes of Kazakhstan following a stint of 272 days on the International Space Station. (Photo courtesy…

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In Future, Robots Will Eat Metal For Energy

In the future, robots will eat metal for energy. (Photo courtesy of NBC News)

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Rethinking Retrocausality

Other Realms Contact Seekers By MoonJoey Rethinking Retrocausality Retrocausality, by simple definition states that backwards causation is a concept of cause and effect where the…

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UFO’Real? A Historical Review By William Pullin, UFO Historian Books Greetings! Books. I am often asked to recommend reading material on the UFO problem, which,…

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Canadian Rangers Helping First Nations With COVID-19 Readiness

Canadian Rangers helping First Nations with COVID-19 readiness. (Photo courtesy of Sgt Peter Moon)

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Katherine The Great White Shark Has Re-Emerged After Evading Trackers For A Year

Katherine, the great white shark, re-emerges off Virginia Coast after evading trackers for a year. (Photo courtesy of Space Coast Daily)

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Moon, Jupiter, Venus Will Align To Form Smiley Face In Sky May 16, 2020

Set your alarm for May 16, 2020; the moon Venus, and Jupiter will be aligning to form a smiley face in the sky. (Photo…

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