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Cryptid Heavyweight Championship

The World Around Me Filtered Through My Eyes By Fylth Cryptid Heavyweight Championship 

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Pit Bull Rescued From Dog Fighting Ring Now Member Of Police Force

Nibbles, the pit bull rescued from a dog fighting ring, is now a member of the police force. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

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Social Media Roasts Trump After Reveal Of Space Force Logo Shows Close Resemblance To TV’s Star Trek Badge

‘Star Fleet called, they want their insignia back.’ Social media is roasting Trump over new Space Force logo that looks a great deal like TV’s…

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Part Of Great Wall Of China Closed In Attempt To Control Spread Of Deadly Coronavirus

Part of the Great Wall of China closed in attempt to control spread of deadly coronavirus. (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

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Families Of CP Rail Crash Victims Want Investigation Reopened

When a two-kilometre grain train ran away downhill, smashing into a B.C. mountainside last February and killing three crew, Transportation Safety Board officials quickly announced…

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Swarms Of Locusts Destroy Crops In East Africa

Huge locust swarms destroy crops in East Africa (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Two South Vietnamese Men Fined While Filmed Showering On Motorbike

Two South Vietnamese men have been fined by police after they were filmed showering while riding a motorbike. (Photo courtesy of BBC)

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Elephants Escape Russian Circus To Play In Snow

Elephants escape Russian circus to play in snow.  (Photo courtesy of Seattle Times)

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Michigan Man Finds Box Containing $27K Outside Credit Union; Returns The Money

Michigan man finds box with $27,000 outside credit union; returns the money. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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California Winery Spills 97,000 Gallons Of Cabernet Into Russian River

Winery spills thousands of gallons of Cabernet into California river. (Photo courtesy of

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