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Cattle Ranch Next To Area 51 For Sale For $4.5 Million

The cattle ranch beside Area 51 is for sales for $4.5 million. (Photo courtesy of Fox News)

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Man Survives 14 Hours After Falling Into Pacific Ocean By Clinging To Piece Of Sea Rubbish

Man survives 14 hours, after falling into Pacific Ocean, by clinging to piece of sea rubbish. (Photo courtesy of NDTV)

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Chilling Footage Shows Ghostly Figure At Former Nursing Home

Chilling footage shows ghostly figure at former nursing home. (Photo courtesy of Finders Beepers History Seekers)

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NASA Mars Perseverance Rover Had Secret Message Hidden On Parachute

NASA Mars Perseverance Rover had secret binary code message hidden on parachute. (Photo courtesy of

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Farmer Catches Lynx In Chicken Coop; Grabs By Neck And Scolds For Killing Chickens

British Columbia farmer catches lynx in his chicken coop, grabs by scruff of neck, and scolds him for killing chickens. (Photo courtesy of

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Photographer Captures Squirrel Threesome In A Tree

Photographer captures squirrels engaged in threesome in a tree.  (Photo courtesy of Max Waugh)

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Fireball Lights Up Sky Over Alberta, Canada

A fireball that was caught on camera lighting up the early morning sky over Alberta, Canada, was a particularly bright meteor, experts said (Photo…

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Dad Posts TikTok Of Child’s Ghost Encounter

Dad posts TikTok of child’s ghost encounter. (Photo courtesy of TikTok)

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Scientists Invent Artificial Muscle That Gets Stronger With Exercise

Scientists invent artificial muscle that gets stronger with exercise. (Photo courtesy of Futurism)

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Airbus Encounters Unidentified Fast Moving Cylindrical Object Over New Mexico

Airbus encounters unidentified fast moving cylindrical object over New Mexico. (Photo courtesy of

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