UFO’Real? A Historical Review

By William Pullin, UFO Historian 


Greetings! Answers?? I’ve been studying the UFO problem since the late 1980’s and after all that time I can only make one firm declaration. I have no answers. None. In the course of last night’s edition of “UFOs: A Dispassionate Examination,” my friend Chauncey Haworth, who co-hosts the outstanding program “Radio Wasteland,” made a comment which contained the term “UFO expert.” While I greatly appreciate the kind words and comment, I am somewhat uncomfortable with the use of the word “expert” when it comes to the UFO problem. To my mind, in my humble opinion, the term expert describes an individual who possesses knowledge which allows for firm and definitive declarations. The UFO problem, in my humble opinion, remains beyond explanation at this point in time. To be perfectly honest, I was touched by Chauncey’s comment, for I certainly don’t feel I am anywhere close to being an expert on the UFO topic, but if someone feels compelled to make that statement about yours truly, that speaks volumes about that person’s kindness. Such is the case about the entire crew at “Radio Wasteland,” for they were the first program to offer me a platform to appear on-the-air and talk about UFOs. I will always be in their debt. Later last night/early this morning, during Reality Paranormal on “Spaced Out Radio,” a question was posed in the chatroom which I found insightful and intelligent. It asked “Are there any anomalous things that science cannot explain?” In my humble opinion, absolutely!! But… must be kept in mind that unexplained phenomena which were attributed to the paranormal in past decades and centuries, were eventually explained as scientific knowledge advanced. I firmly believe such is the case with the UFO problem; as our scientific knowledge increases with time, as it always has, unsolved mysteries will be solved by using the scientific method. We all need to be patient. Thank you so much for your interest and kind support.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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