Aliens, ‘Squatch’, And Other Observations!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
 Aliens, ‘Squatch’, And Other Observations!
June 1st:June first is edging closer every day, and it’s interesting to watch the UFO community to be swimming around like sharks, waiting for the drop of blood to drop into the pool to let the feeding frenzy begin.   Now I don’t know about you, but I’m preparing for two things, and two things only.  #1 Heartache!  #2 Disappointment!  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be a ‘Negative Nancy’ here, but let’s look at the reality here, but we already see people such as Lue Elizondo asking for a delay to the June first deadline when a report from the alphabet agencies has to be made public on what they know about UFOs.  Elizondo and other people in the deep intelligence believe they need more time to go through what they have to make it viable for public consumption.  In other words, they need more time to redact and hide the juicy stuff all in the name of ‘National Security’. I’m not buying it.  They’ve had 70-years since Roswell to know this day was eventually going to come, and here it is, but they now want more time.  Now many supporters may say that it’s about getting it right the first time.  I counter with 70-years!  Seven decades!  Look, I believe we are going to get something.  Probably more grainy videos of ‘dots’, ‘streaks’, and the like.   But if we think we’re going to get answers to the ‘drone’ hovering over the USS Kidd, the Phoenix Lights of 1997, Roswell or any other famous case, you have another thing coming.  Your wishful thinking will remain a wish.  Let’s remember the government agencies have spent the last three years separating UFOs from Aliens in the public eye.  They’ve also done their best to control the narrative in the mainstream media, thanks to the TTSA.  So don’t expect much.  That’s my June first prediction and I’m sticking with it.

Why Now?:

Why now?  Think about this for a second.  Why now?  After 70-years of deceit, lies, cover ups, denials, why now?  Why is it now important for us to know about UFOs, errr UAP, and the implications this may have on us?  Watching government officials such as Senators Marco Rubio and Mark Warner discuss this emphatically like we need to know what’s going on is almost laughable.  Look, I’m not saying the topic shouldn’t come out.  As a contactee and experiencer of this strange phenomenon I definitely 100% want to know what’s happened to me and why?  All experiencers deserve the answers.  But not a single journalist or researcher has asked the question, ‘Why now?’  It’s an important question to ask.  Why is this all of the sudden a hot button topic?  Why all of the sudden is the American taxpayer seeing their dollars being allotted for studies on the UAP phenomenon?  Why is there now a public UAP task force?  What is the purpose?  What happened?  Did the aliens use the red phone and contact the President’s personal hotline and say by such and such a date we’re going to make ourselves known?  These are questions that need to be asked.   Look don’t give me that this is all because of Tom DeLonge setting up the TTSA.  That’s not it.  That’s way down the totem pole of belief.  When things like this happen, there are some very heavy hitters pulling on the puppet stings of humankind to bring us into a new reality.  Does this mean there are aliens on the moon?  Does this mean there’s a mother ship parked off of earth somewhere?  Does this mean officials have seen and been told things are about to hit the fan?  This is where strong, Walter Cronkite type of journalism needs to come into play here.  Unfortunately, we’re not getting to see it because too many journalists see this topic as far too risqué to go down the rabbit hole for the strange adventure.  But we need to know, why now?


Criticism Vs. Personal Attacks:

In these fields of research, everyone has an opinion, and we all think our opinions are what’s right and others who differ have got it all wrong.  This is no different in what we’re seeing in the UFO world, paranormal world, and the cryptid world.  Whether we want to believe it, there’s a giant difference between business and friendship.  We’ve lost that in many of these fields, where we are judging and pre-judging people on their work and going after them on a personal level.  I know I’ve been accused of it, but that’s not the case at all.  For instance, if I’m pointing out that someone isn’t a journalist and has never been a journalist, yet their profile bio states they are a ‘UFO journalist’ or ‘investigative journalist’, then I’m going to point that out.  No one should lie about their credentials.  However, that doesn’t mean that I am personally attacking them.  For all intents and purposes, the person is probably a really nice person and doesn’t understand fully the implications of their actions.  We always have to strive to give someone the benefit of the doubt.  Outside of that, it’s just mean.  Plain old mean.  Add in social media, and those attacks can actually hurt someone.  But for many of these online trolls and goblins the attacks don’t stop.  They get off on the reaction that others have, whether it’s in agreeance or an attack back by the supporters of the attacked person.  It’s tiresome, and really, it holds the field back.  We have to learn to draw the line between being critical of a person’s work and making personal attacks.  It makes us all look foolish.  We’ve all done it.  Myself included.  But we have to strive to be better and unite our communities.  People are watching.


‘Squatch This!’:
Almost weekly I get a number of comments as to why I hate the word ‘Squatch’ when it comes to people in the Sasquatch community.  When I first heard the word ‘Squatch’, it was on that silly television show where they believe when a cameraman farts or coughs, that it’s a ‘squatch’ running through the forest.  The word grated on me like fingers nails down a chalk board or being forced to watch soccer.  But in 2015, at a paranormal conference in Surrey, B.C., I had the pleasure and the delight to talk sasquatch with the late Dr. John Bindernagel.  A true legend in the field, Dr. Bindernagel spent 70+ years searching for this creature in the North American wilderness.  I was shocked when he was very interested in hearing my own sighting of two creatures.  He actually wanted to leave the conference and go see where it took place.  After about 20 minutes of conversation, I asked him what his thoughts were about the word ‘squatch’.  He took a deep breath, stood up straight, sighed, and then said the most profound words that resonated with me.  He stated, “70 years of research ruined by one word!”  Now for those who don’t know Dr. Bindernagel, this is a man who never had an experience, but had a fascination since childhood with these creatures.  So much so, he earned his PhD in Biology. He moved to British Columbia in the 1970’s to get closer to the potential of studying the creature.  He worked diligently over the decades to try and bring Sasquatch to the scientific community for legit study, much to the chagrin and laughter of his scientific colleagues.  So when I saw with my own eyes the hurt that the word ‘squatch’ was causing him, I decided to ban it from the show.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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