5G – Is It Meant To Be?

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By Aletheia Kardov

5G – Is It Meant To Be? 


For quite some time now, there has been many articles and shock pieces about the onslaught of 5G, how it will melt all ofour brains and make us zombie-slaves to the new world order utilising mind control technology!!

I don’t want to intentionally insult anyone here, especially those that hold those beliefs as I think there is some merit in some of the concerns they voice. Whilst at times it may appear as though its always the loudest and at times craziest ideas that catch on the most – this did get me thinking whilst eating my lunch in the office earlier this week. I realised the sheer number of electronic devices we all carry around at any one time is quite alarming, so I decided to count all the devices that I had with me and placed them all on the desk in front of me and oh boy, I was in for a shock – try it yourself!

With an iPhone in my pocket for work and then my personal Samsung for pleasure, an iPad in my bag as well as a laptop for work, a Fitbit on one arm and an older smartwatch on the other. This doesn’t take into account the other 30 people on the office floor that probably have a similar number of devices with them; I mean – that’s a lot of devices spewing out Electromagnetic Radiation into the airwaves.

I then noticed the Office WIFI routers on the office ceiling blinking in its green seasonal glee, it made me seriously contemplate about how much of this Electromagnetic Radiation we are talking about here and if we should consider the aspects of this exposure without going all crazy about it. Now yes, all of those devices I mentioned aren’t powered by 5G “yet”, but we are certainly bathed in all manner of different electronic signals and frequencies as it is. The rapid rise and speed of the technological revolution we have found ourselves within has most certainly outmatched the biological evolution of our brains and biological tissues.

I’m a long way from ordering a tinfoil hat and suit and finding a suitable cave to live in far away from civilisation. I just hope that in the coming decades; our ignorance of this “potential” problem doesn’t come back to bite us in what will then be, our electronically augmented backsides!

(Photo courtesy of Forbes)


Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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