Cambridge University To Return Bronze Statue To Nigeria

Cambridge University to return bronze statue looted from what is now Nigeria in 1897. (Photo courtesy of AP)

Limpy The Turkey Makes Reading, Massachusetts Happy

Limpy The Turkey lives in Reading, Massachusetts, and is a vital member of the community. He has his own FaceBook page, and residents of Reading say he lifts their spirits and encourages them. (Photo courtesy of The Guardian)

Russian Farmers Giving Cows Virtual Reality Headsets

Russian farmers are giving cows virtual reality headsets. The purpose is to calm and relax cows. (Photo courtesy of Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region)

Fur Bearing Trout

Spaced Out Radio Cryptid Tales With Amber Bekkerud Fur Bearing Trout This episode of Cryptid Tales describes a Canadian history of fish with fur. Stories from early settlers were told to children and people back home in European countries of fish with fur growing out of them. After a time, the kids caught on, and […]