You Want Respect You Don’t Deserve!


By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio

Back in 1967, legendary, Hall of Fame singer Aretha Franklin brought the song ‘Respect’ to the radio. All I’m asking, is for a little RESPECT……… she sang. For decades, that song has been a theme for many, from people to sports teams. So how does this tie into the paranormal realm? Easy! The paranormal field, as I stated in previous blogs, is yearning for respect, especially from mainstream media and scientists, regarding their research. Everyday, you see people on social media platforms begging for respect for their work. But the fact is, the mainstream, outside of the last 14-months, has given little to no recognition to the paranormal field. Scientists laugh at our research, claiming we are wasting time. The media used to make fun of every UFO video sent to them, with the theme songs from the Twilight Zone, X-Files or Star Trek. This always bugged me, because there are some extremely credible people in this field, who are doing amazing work to advance the knowledge we seek. From people who are weekend warriors in search of ghosts, to scientists like Chris Cogswell who want to believe there’s something more out there. Our fields of study don’t hold up to the mainstream reputation people have of us. That is of the night shift convenience store worker, making minimum wage, and missing teeth due to a lack of dental plan. You may laugh at reading that but you know it’s the truth!

But now well into year five of Spaced Out Radio, I’ve learned a thing or two and decided to write my opinion as to why our beloved field continues to struggle with those we seek respect from. The short answer is we need to look deep within ourselves. Now there are many differing opinions on this so I will try to keep this short as to what I think are the key factors as to why we are looked down upon, as the spiritual heathens we are! Let’s get into it!


The first part I want to get into here, is we have a plethora of brilliant people in this field trying to do good work. However, that is really a minority of the entire field. People are doing their best to find ghosts, sasquatch, or UFOs, but what they are, where they’re from, and what they’re doing here is quite subjective. Because of a real lack of high quality evidence, we refer back to opinion. And that’s where the field starts to go haywire. We have come to this ridiculous consensus that people expressing opinion, has become scientific fact. Where did this come from? Look, anyone who does this is knowingly or unknowingly committing fraudulent research. To break science down to the basics; the purpose of science is to prove or disprove theory. If you, say, are a bigfoot researcher and you are out looking for gigantopithicus, yet you refuse to look into First Nations legends or stories that talk about the creature being supernatural of some sort, then you are not conducting science. Elimination of possibility without research is fraudulent. It’s that simple!


Look, everyone wants a title. Everyone wants to stand out for attention and popularity. So should we really be surprised that people are now coming up with self titles in order to make themselves sound more worthy of knowledge and experience. Titles such as ‘Demonologist’, ‘Investigative Journalist’, ‘Radio Host’ are some of the bigger ones out there. All of these titles are cute, but they make people look like fools when they’ve never been fully trained in a field of their self entitlement. Recently I wrote a blog about people starting to use ‘Investigative Journalist’ when they have absolutely no journalistic experience. Hell, they don’t even know what ‘Investigative Journalist’ means? But there they are, selling themselves through lies and the field refuses to call them out on it. The worst part about it? People are buying it, from media outlets that haven’t done their research, to television shows, to bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and radio hosts. We need to wake up and do our homework. Oh, and just to correct terminology, if you use Facebook Live for a show, and you’re calling yourself a radio host, you’re not.


The pettiness that inhabits the paranormal realm isn’t any different than any other, but the big difference is, when it comes to the subjects we report and research. People targeting others for equipment they use or don’t use on a ghost investigation, for example. Why? Just because you have the best gear, doesn’t make you a better investigator. In fact, people such as John Tenney or David Weatherly would agree as fun as the toys are, less is more. In UFOs, those who are ‘in the know’ are viciously refuted by those who aren’t. You get people who put down people for publicly claiming their experiences as false. They are just wanting to rip into anyone who doesn’t share their same opinion. We also have the crowd that likes to promote bad information, like the Reptilian Queen, or that everything is a conspiracy. You’re taking advantage of the naive and gullible. It’s embarrassing.


Your truth? My truth? What’s the truth. Like self-titling, this is the next big joke in the paranormal media. There are so many so-called ‘truthers’ out there, that it’s ridiculous. Who’s truth is true? YouTube Channels, digital radio channels and shows, talk show hosts, bloggers, vloggers all stating they are the only ones out there that are bringing the real story, or the real ‘truth’ of what’s going on out there. Come on. Do you really believe that? Who’s truth? There are dozens of people in the paranormal-conspiracy realm who claim they are the ones to follow or listen to for the real truth. So out of all these people, which one is right? Who is the one telling the truth? None of them, that’s who! What they are doing is selling their opinion that you will buy their way of thinking. This isn’t truth. It’s personal bias! And the mainstream, well, they’re rolling their eyes at us!


Hate to break this to you people, but the media does not have government officials working in news rooms telling editors what can or cannot be viewed, heard or printed. I don’t know where this rumor came from or how it started, but the fact that there are those claiming this as fact are off their rocker. Look, I worked in four different news rooms in my 10 years of radio. Never once was I edited by these so-called ‘government officials’ nor has anyone I know ever been edited. I understand that people are not trusting the mainstream national media these days, and I think there’s some validity to that. When media outlets start taking a political side, that’s not journalism. But for people, who’ve never worked in a newsroom or as a journalist are claiming these happenings, and spreading this as fact, then that’s dangerous. So when we get pissed off that some station won’t run a video of a UFO, it’s not because some person is saying that can’t be played for government reasons. No, it’s because news directors and editors think we’re wing nuts who are wasting their time. That’s the only reason that’s true!

So there you have it. My synopsis as to what makes the mainstream laugh at us. We are the ones who are putting our foots in our paranormal mouths, and yet we cry when those who are in the mainstream look at us strangely. The paranormal field needs to understand that that respect is not a given, but earned. We aren’t earning a damn thing because we look like a joke in so many facets, that anyone with a clear mind and conscience wouldn’t dare come near this field. Their own professional credibility is on the line as well. And why would they waste their precious time coming into a field that looks and acts like a bunch of unprofessional hooligans at a European soccer match? Those who decide to look in, do not like what they see. Some stick around, like Chris Cogswell. But most don’t because they don’t want the headache or the drama. So people in this community cannot expect to be treated professionally if they aren’t professional in their actions. It’s the paranormal realm that needs to wake up and change before the mainstream has to change their minds. It’s up to us, and we’re not, for the most part, doing a very good job.


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