You May Stand Alone….But You’re Never Alone

I remember as a child, I always wanted to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces.  Ever since my Dad took me to my first air show, in 1976, seeing the loud and proud CF-101 Voodoos from 409 Nighthawks Squadron blast over, I was in love.  I collected everything I could that was military.  At that age, really it’s about two things; posters and models.  Boy did I suck at making models.  I remember when I was about ten or eleven, I was visiting a Canadian Armed Forces booth at a local fair.  And they had this poster of an army soldier standing in an open field.  The caption at the top of the folded post was, “You may stand alone…..”  But when you unfolded it, you saw his support all around him.  Fellow troops, armoured personnel carriers, tanks and helicopters.  At the bottom, it read, “But you’re never alone!”  I always remembered that, because to be honest, one of my biggest fears in life is being alone.
So how does this transition to where I am today?  That’s easy.  As much as popularity is awesome, there are days I feel completely alone.  It’s one of the oft battles I have when suffering from depression and anxiety.  You never feel good enough.  But it goes with the territory, that’s for sure.  A big part of that feeling of being alone is what a lot of experiencers feel after something supernatural.  Many, such as myself, are multiple experiencers who are now forced to transition from a place of comfortability to a place of wonder.  That wonder is completely mental, because you no longer know where exactly you fit in?  As I’ve watched the field of ufology closely for nearly the last five years, I’ve watched the experiencer become more and more ignored because people no longer want the story.  They want facts.  They want hard data.  They want PROOF.  In their minds, the experience is just a tale of folklore that cannot be proven.  Verbal or written evidence is no longer accepted testimony into the phenomena.
It doesn’t help when most of the major researchers are working more ‘Disclosure’, and personal relevance than they are for those who truly do need the help.  It also doesn’t help when we see current researchers now trying to separate and segregate UFOs from aliens.  For decades, the two have been synonymous with each other.  Now, we’re not supposed to align the two together, as the new big wigs of ufology claim.  But for the experiencer, they are one and the same.  You can’t have ET Contact without UFOs being involved one way or another.
For people who have seen craft, can summon, have been taken and abducted, or had some sort of contact, the emotions that many are feeling right now are all over the place.  There’s confusion.  There’s a sense that the voices of those who’ve had these very real experiences has been silenced a little bit, because the full concentration seems to be on the ‘Disclosure’ movement.  People, whether they’re researchers, investigators, or some sort of official have barely any clue what it’s like to come face to face with creatures that in some cases, should only be there in nightmares.  When you wake up to aliens standing over you and you’re paralyzed by either fear or something else, there is nothing on this planet that creates that type of uncontrollable fear.  Even for those who’ve had positive experiences, they still want to know what’s going on?
The main question every experiencer has is, Why me?  Why did this happen to me?  What do they want from me?  I’m a nobody on this planet, why are they taking me?  The people who are experiencing this trauma just want answers, and with today’s current conditions, being pushed to the back burner is never a good feeling.  Ufology and ufologists cannot forget this part of their investigations.  If they do, they are missing out on potentially ground breaking information.  Ufologists need to continue to break the stigma many have of those who’ve experienced contact.  They are Doctors, laywers, politicians, government officials, spies, construction workers, plumbers, bakers, mechanics, gas jockeys, and everything in between.  With this phenomenon, there is no clear cut reason why anyone gets ‘taken’.
The alone feeling many are having right now is unfortunate.  Experiencers need to be a part of any ‘Disclosure’ process no matter who’s running the narrative and trying to control the agenda.  There’s more at play here than just strange objects in the sky.   These are real people involved.  I’m one of them.  I want to know why?  I deserve to know why!  So does everyone else.  If those trying to control the narrative have any real appreciation for this phenomenon, they must acknowledge the experiences people are claiming.

Author: Dave Scott

Hi I'm Dave. I like hockey, fishing, my chainsaw, and ALIENS!

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