Wow! Unsupported UFO Claims

From Beyond
Not of This Earth 

By William Pullin, UFO Historian

Wow! Unsupported UFO Claims

Greetings! Wow. The claims made by individuals in the UFO community range from grounded and thought provoking to downright unreasonable and moronic. The latter claims, which are usually unsupported by any valid physical evidence, make the entire UFO field look bad, especially other UFO witnesses. When such claims do include some physical evidence, such content usually is easily explained away as something mundane, rather than something extraterrestrial. Such is the case here; with the alleged UFO witness, who posted these images on Facebook recently, claiming that the two images attached to this blog posting show an extraterrestrial being, in the far right of the first image, the second image being a focused crop on the “extraterrestrial being.” Rather than being seen as what is actually on the images; random smoke patterns influenced by wind currents in the vicinity, this individual immediately played the “extraterrestrial card” instead of using their brain in an effort to examine what may or may not be on film. Such thinking is closed minded. Early this morning, I sent the two images in question to a close friend who analyzes photos and videos for a living, in an effort to determine, through examination, what the images truly show. The result: Random smoke patterns, not an extraterrestrial being. Why is this important? It’s important since some UFO witnesses testify to anomalous, potentially extraterrestrial, activity, and do so with an open mind to all possibilities. When an alleged UFO witness makes completely unsupported claims, and keeps their thinking closed by declaring extraterrestrial or aliens to the exclusion of any other potential explanations, it makes other UFO witnesses look very bad, and that is unfortunate. After all, there are other aspects of the paranormal that we as a species don’t understand yet, so blindly assigning the extraterrestrial, or aliens, to anything seemingly odd, or possibly paranormal, is irresponsible and moronic. There are other possibilities out there, we all need to use the brains that evolved in our craniums! Thank you for your interest and support.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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