Why Keep Asking For Something We Already Got?

This Florida Man

By Kelly J. Eyer

Why Keep Asking For Something We Already Got?

Hello again everyone,

It’s me! Spaced Out Radio’s very own Florida Man! I am coming back to you guys with a story that I have been thinking about for quite some time. I really couldn’t figure out a way to write it out or explain it until Dave mentioned something on Richie G’s last SOR Saturday night. What Dave had said was basically, don’t judge someone because of whether or not you like them. However, check their work; you don’t have to like them, but you do have to respect their hard work. Basically, don’t judge someone by their beliefs but by the content of their character.
That really got me thinking about everyone who keeps asking who will be the next Art Bell? Sure, he was the trailblazer when it came to late-night long-form talk radio. Especially when it came to the ( insert umbrella term) “paranormal” field. I, like a lot of you out there, was a huge Art Bell Coast to Coast fan. I spent my 90s coming home from school, doing my homework, chores, and eating. I would then go straight to bed so I could get up to stay up all night listening to C2C. Being an introvert in my teens, I spent my time listening to the radio and all the stories that I could cram into my brain.
Now I know that I don’t have to give all of you the history on why Art retired….multiple times. I am not digging on Art, I am just stating a fact. The man did retire A LOT, due to family issues mostly. However, he never really retired. he did host weekend shows and ghost to ghost. Listening to those shows really made me think though, he seemed like he was missing a step. They were good shows, don’t get me wrong. They just didn’t seem like the 90s greats.  I think a lot of it had to do with the passing of Ramona, his second wife. I believe she was his inspiration, his muse. Much like how I feel like SOR is. I spent 25+ years gathering information and looking into every story I heard on the radio. Yet I did not have the will to kick open and walk through the door. I was happy and content to just sit on the porch and peek through the paranormal window.
Now we get to the whole reason for this story. Everyone keeps asking ” Who is going to be the next Art Bell?” Ladies and Gentlemen. We got him a long time ago. His name is George Noory. Love him or hate him. Art handed the reigns of Coast to Coast to him and he ran with it and has been leading the show now longer than Art ever did. Now he may not be your cup of tea. He isn’t mine. However, the man has done tons and tons of work for the UFO/ paranormal field. That cannot be denied. I’m not telling any of you to go listen to C2C (and if you are, I am going to have Captain Shirk shake a very VERY shameful finger at you).   All that I am saying is look at the hard work that Noory has put into this field that all of us have loved for well over 30 years (as a kid I remember listening to his Nighthawk show in St. Louis).
I will leave all of you with this. People have been asking who will be the next Art Bell for roughly 20 years. We have had some people try to be him, and I will just say this, it’s awful quiet in NYE County at the moment. I think that everyone should just be themselves. You can do the same type of talk show and be yourself and will do ten times better than trying to be someone who you will never in a million years be able to reach. Just look at Dave Scott. He is doing the same type of show. However, in my eyes it is different. SOR did something for me that Art Bell’s C2C never could. It inspired me to want to help in any way that I could to help in any small way to make it grow as big as it possibly can.
 Your Loving Florida Correspondent,
 Kelly J Eyer

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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