Why Isn’t Everyone Using The Estes Method?

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By Kelly Eyer

Why isn’t everyone using the Estes Method?

I am going to start this article off by saying when I first heard of the ghost box, I was EXTREMELY skeptical about it. This is also true when pretty much anything is brought to my attention where the ‘Woo Factor’ is turned up a little. Now don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love when Bill Hauser comes on Spaced Out Radio to do his ghost box sessions. It is a very entertaining show; but I am cautious with other new things and ways.
I just got done watching Hellier 2, and rewatched it with my wife to show her this well made documentary. In the show, they used what is called the Estes Method with their ghost box. The Estes Method is basically a ghost box session, but using a blindfold and noise cancelling headphones to get rid of any type of outside interference. As I watched Hellier with my wife and we saw the amount of information they gathered from it; I hate to say it, but it swayed me to the other side of the fence.
After watching the results of Hellier 2, I am gong to ask the question. Why isn’t everyone using the Estes Method? The Newkirks and crew got so much usable information from that method, it seems just using the ghost box in its original form still leaves one asking for more.
Call me lazy, but it also seems using the ghost box in its original form is way too labor intensive. I’ll admit it; I’m lazy, and I have bad hearing in one ear. The thought of having to listen carefully and write down every word I hear, just for the hope that I heard a word from the other side, makes me cringe.
In conclusion, when you have someone who is shut off from any type of outside stimuli that could possibly taint the results of the ghost box session, it gives a lot more credibility to the experience. It changed my mind about using the ghost box, and my hope is that more investigators would start using the Estes Method.
All right everyone. Own the Night people and thanks for reading.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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