What’s It Like Without Any Time?

It All Begins In Wonder

What’s It Like Without Any Time?

By David Pilz

So I wonder what’s it like without any time?

Rumour has it that time is a construction of human origin, something to anchor or bookmark events and projections into. When I was training as a coordinate remote viewer I was exposed to some formulas that strongly suggested time is mutable, like ripples broadcasting outward, backwards and forwards from any specific gestalt or moment.

These ripples bounce round and around with other gestalt ripples in an energetic dance but nothing is ever static or still. Einstein talked about time in his theory of relativity explorations too I think .. which states that we all see/ remember events differently even if we’re standing beside each other when it happens. So both perspective and perspection matter.

There is also some speculation that we can somehow influence those past and future events by sending thoughts, reiki, intentions, prayers, etc at it. Injuries can be lessened by sending the intention to reduce the power of the original impact or sending something equally as creative ahead of ourselves to influence a positive outcome to our future gestalts.

So then this Mandela Effect thingy shows up and starts exposing that our past is being rearranged behind us different than we remember it .. is our future being rearranged too, is that possible? I mean beyond the ‘take charge of your own destiny and your future rocks’ kind of influence.

What if all those alternative timelines all eventually collide into one zero point timeline. What if it’s happening right now, and every time we go through a Mandela shift we shed or absorb a bunch of those timelines that nobody wants. What if we are being programmed to chose specific timelines because they are familiar?

What if time fails to become an influence on our life once we achieve a specific MHz .. just like the magnetic field gets nullified when exposed to temperatures above 2000* but comes back naturally when it cools.

Can we actually vibrate faster than the speed of time? Someone call the Flash (c) DC we’ve got questions.

I guess we’ll never know cuz those military boys who dropped a Philadelphia battle ship into the past must have realized their folly and stopped all time travel experimenting immediately.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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