What Whistleblowers?

Enter into a discussion about conspiracy theory, and sooner or later this argument comes up:
“They couldn’t keep that a secret! With so many people involved someone would talk.”
The implication, whether stated explicitly or left unsaid is, it would then be all over the media and everyone would know. The conclusion then follows that the theory must be false.
Which sounds like a very reasonable argument on the surface, but take a look at the series of assumptions that feed into it.
Someone in the know would talk.
This person would go to a large mass media outlet.
This outlet would immediately report it.
This report would be picked up and shared by other mass media outlets.
The masses would be made aware of the situation
Therefore, there can’t be such a big conspiracy.
Does this sound like the way the world really works? Probably not to you, reading this article, but to tens of thousands consuming their news from the main letter outlets the steps above make perfect sense. The nightly news is the Source of All Truth and if it comes from somewhere else it’s suspect.
**cough cough Fake News cough cough**
Which makes the above paradigm so perfect. Not many stop to consider the fact that only six corporations control every mainstream media outlet in the United States, and many international ones as well. Which puts them in the perfect position to control exactly what we hear and see.
Fortunately, more and more are waking up to this fact – but the waking can be a terrifying experience. This is compounded by the difficulty of finding people capable of holding a rational discussion that doesn’t devolve into anger and accusations.
The conspiracy realm very quickly becomes a deep and treacherous morass to try and navigate through. It takes a certain level of dedication, skill and application of critical thinking to just tip-toe into the pool. It helps to cultivate an ability to detach, and carefully considering conflicting concepts is essential.
It also helps to have a place to start exploring.
The following whistleblowers have incredible stories. Hard to believe stories. It’s very easy to dismiss them because they challenge the very foundations of our society. So don’t believe, or disbelieve, their stories. Open your mind and simply consider that they are telling the truth as they experienced it.
Take a deeper look at what they’re saying, beyond what I’ve written, and decide for yourself.
Gary McKinnon
Once described as “The Greatest Military Hacker” in 2002 London computer hacker Gary McKinnon was arrested for breaking into the computer systems of NASA and U.S. military installations like the Pentagon and DARPA. He suspected the U.S. government was hiding what they knew about UFO’s, so he went digging to see what he could find.
He got far more than he expected. In multiple interviews he has described finding spreadsheets labeled ‘Non-Terrestrial Officers’ and ship-to-ship transfers. He claims he found names of vessels that don’t match any ship in the U.S. Navy, and to have seen images of spacecraft. He even found the name of a secret space program – Solar Warden.
Gary, who is diagnosed with Asperger’s and anxiety, was supposed to be extradited to the U.S. in 2009, but a series of appeals held up the process. The extradition was finally stopped in 2012 by Home Secretary Theresa May. According to the Home Office: “She concluded his extradition would give rise to such a high risk of him ending his life that it would be incompatible with his human rights.” No charges were brought against him in the U.K.
Corey Goode
It has all the plot points of a great science fiction novel: aliens, conspiracies, cover-ups and the ultimate Good versus Evil showdown. Except Corey Goode says he lived it.
Unlike many ET experiencers, whose interactions take place in dreams or astral realms, Corey says he has conscious, face to face meetings with extraterrestrial beings and spent 20 years working on a spaceship as part of a secret space program.
According to Corey, there’s not just one hidden fleet – several different organizations have armadas cruising between the planets of our solar system, and out among the stars. Military, corporate conglomerates, and of course, extraterrestrials all travel the space lanes, one of them a secret space program called Solar Warden that started in the 1980’s,
The entirety of Corey Goode’s testimony is difficult to accept in one giant lump. On one level, whole story is just so appealing; it’s like candy to sci-fi loving space nerds who want it to be true.
**waves hand**
But, to believe? Is it even appropriate to ask that question? “Believe” is such a loaded word anyway. It’s not about believing what Goode says; it’s about examining his words, and seeking corroborating evidence. Portions of his story are plausible, and they align with the revelations of Gary McKinnon.
They also align with the disclosures of the final whistleblower.
William Tompkins
William Tompkins served in the Navy during WWII. His job was to sit in on debriefings of spies operating within the Nazi science programs, and use their gathered intelligence data to design ships. But the Nazi’s weren’t just building ships to sail the ocean. According to Tompkins, the Nazi’s made a bargain with a race of extraterrestrials, who supplied them with plans for spaceships and advanced propulsion systems.
Tomkins describes designing advanced weapons, cruisers and giant, aircraft-carrier-like spacecraft for a secret space program that launched in the 80’s. You know the name by now – Solar Warden.
Unlike McKinnon and Goode, Tompkins brings decades worth of design documents forward as proof. His descriptions of his time in the Navy corroborate details revealed by Goode – details discussed prior to Tompkins stepping forward.
Corey Goode and William Tompkins are not whistleblowers in the truest sense of the word. They both say their revelations are part of a sanctioned disclosure program designed to introduce the secret space programs to the wider world.
Doesn’t that take the old paradigm and give it a good twist?
This article is not about convincing you these men are telling the absolute truth. It’s appropriate to question their claims – but it’s also well past time to stop and consider their words. And try to establish their truth, or lack thereof. Simply brushing these stories under the rug is an outdated paradigm. The convergence of details, the multiplicity of people describing remarkably similar experiences demands an honest, open inquiry.
Take a look. What will you find out?


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