What Is The Extraterrestrial Agenda

By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
I was added into a Twitter conversation this week that got into the hot button topic of alien contact and alien abduction.  What’s it all about?  Is it positive?  Or is it something malevolent that all mankind should be concerned with?  It’s a common debate among extraterrestrial researchers, experiencers and those who are on the fence.  With Hollywood, video games, and television, there is the popular theory that nothing good can come from space.  The idea that we have been somewhat brainwashed into the idea that extraterrestrial contact or abduction is one hundred percent always negative is what we’ve been told the last thirty-five years.  Once again, nothing good comes from space.  However, there are those out there who believe they’ve had benevolent contact with off-worlders who aren’t looking to kidnap humans, mutilate humans or even torture humans.  It’s hard to believe because the agenda is so skewed to one side these days.
Let me give you a couple of examples.  One involving Dr. Steven Greer.  The other involving Tom Delonge.
Starting off with Dr. Steven Greer.  Before I do, let me preface the fact that I am personally not a fan of his work.  For business reasons, I will not have him on Spaced Out Radio, and he is the only person I’ve ever rescinded an invite to come on the show.  But this is a man who is a former physician, who says he had his first UFO experience at age eight.  He was a Doctor until 1998, to work full time on the Disclosure Project, after years of working his way through Washington, D.C., talking to anyone who’d have a listen to his research into the phenomenon.  Dr. Greer has stated publicly that his sources within the government have told him that the extraterrestrial visitation phenomenon is very real, and there are benevolent species visiting this planet who are trying to make a real difference in mankind’s future.  However Greer states there are those within the government shadows who are not ready to bring out full Disclosure, for a plethora of reasons, from technology which can be directed towards the military industrial complex, or the feeling that mankind really isn’t ready for the second biggest story in our history next to Jesus Christ coming back from the Heavens.
Then there’s Tom Delonge, from the To The Stars Academy.  Back in December of 2017, Delonge went on the Joe Rogan Podcast, stating that we need to arm our atmosphere with nuclear weapons as quickly as possible, because his government sources basically told him there’s nothing good in space coming towards earth, and that we need to be prepared to defend our planet from any sort of alien invasion or attack.  Delonge has barely done any media interviews on the subject since that date with Joe Rogan.  However, he continues to play a vital role in being the so-called front man for the TTSA, and the power group of UFO researchers.  Yet, in the same instance, as Delonge is promoting the fact that all aliens are bad, previous to announcing the TTSA’s formation, he tried to purchase the FREE Experiencers statistics, who’ve done studies claiming that over eighty percent of all people who’ve come in contact with extraterrestrials have had a positive experience.  Why do this if you point such a negative picture of those from the stars?  Doesn’t make much sense.
But here’s the crown glory of it all.  What do the messages from Dr. Greer and Mr. Delonge have in common?  It’s their government sources.  And those governmental sources are all based in the United States.  So the big question is, who’s agenda do you believe?  And the second big question is, who’s government sources are telling the correct story?  Do they even really know?  How do they know?  And why give two different directions to the same topic?  This is what baffles me and should baffle you as the reader as well, because one or both of these two gentlemen are trying to pull the wool over our eyes.  And it has the United States Government written all over it.
Now, for Dr. Greer, his main push for the Disclosure movement came in the 1990’s.  Pre-9/11.  Pre-Homeland Security Act.  Before when we didn’t live so paranoid about life in general.  Mr. Delonge, former lead singer of the popular punk band, Blink 182, gave up his music career where he made around fifty million dollars, to campaign for his real passion, finding out about UFOs.  His popularity has skyrocketed the popularity of the UFO phenomenon with today’s generation and fans of his music.  Both have worked diligently on bringing this entire genre to the media forefront, but if there’s a winner on who’s made more of an impact mainstream, that by far is Delonge.  Never, in the last thirty years, has the topic of UFOs been discussed so heavily in the mainstream media, without people making fun of the topic.  This is a good thing.  While Dr. Greer, on the other hand, has made a healthy living charging thousands of dollars per person to attend his symposiums which are to enlighten and engage people in the extraterrestrial phenomenon.
So who is right, and who is wrong?  Are they both right?  Or are they both wrong, and caught in deep, playing a game that is controlled by sources much higher than what we know?  What I mean by that is some sort of agency within the government controlling the aspect of the alien message through these two gentlemen?  They’re both fighting for different agendas, once again, from the same source.  But no one seems to give a care about the real issue here, and that’s for the people involved in the subject.  There are literally thousands of people who annually claim they have experience with being taken.  Some will claim their experiences were worse than hellish.  Others will claim their contact was a life changing experience for the better.  So what is it?
To me, it looks like it’s everyone out there that’s being played.  And in reality, it’s the experiencers today who have the real say as to what’s going on.  They are the only ones whom we can get true answers from.  As an experiencer myself, I know I’ve been taken five times.  Three have been positive.  Two haven’t been so kind.  That is how I define whether or not there is something that is mischievous going on.  And I suggest you do that too.  Find your own agenda.  Think about it.  The last 35 years, how many movies, video games, documentaries, television shows, books, or online stories paint extraterrestrial contact in a positive level?  The reality is not many.  Fear sells.  Scaring the audience sells.  Peace, love and light does not.  Those are obvious facts.  So, as long as we are under the illusion that all ET contact is bad, we are going to continue with the negative agenda.  But do we really know?  The truth is, we don’t.
We don’t know what the agenda is?  We don’t know what aliens want!  We don’t know who’s telling the truth.  And as far as I’m concerned the only ones on this planet who may know what’s truly going on, are those within some sort of deep, dark government agency who are keeping the secrets from Roswell, Kecksberg, Shag Harbour, and other retrieval sites.  Or whether or not the alleged meeting between President Eisenhower and the alien beings at Edwards Air Force Base actually took place, trading humans and animals for technology.  Did that happen?  We may never really know, at least in our lifetimes.  But to find the real story, we must engage and listen to more experiencers and independent researchers that are investigating the contact/abduction phenomenon.  They are the ones who know what’s truly going on.  The rest is just conjecture.
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