What Is Evidence?

William Pullin

UFO’Real? A Historical Review

By William Pullin, UFO Historian

Greetings! Evidence. On Wednesday evening’s edition of “UFOs: A Grounded Commentary,” Nicole Sakach and I will be asking the question “What is evidence?” My professional approach to the question of evidence has always been sort of a two-pronged inquiry. Searching for confirmation that an alleged event actually took place is the first step in any investigation. Documentation, first-hand witness testimony, photographs, video, instrumentality (radar tracking, weather doppler, etc….,) environmental changes (radiation burns, landing marks, damage to vegetation, etc…..,) are all types of evidence which can be gathered which confirm that an event took place. Once confirmation has been achieved, the search for a definitive explanation for the event can begin, and that can be the most problematic and frustrating aspect of any investigation. Explanations ranging from flocks of birds, to atmospheric anomalies, to misidentified aircraft, to naturally occurring extraterrestrial phenomena (meteors, comets, etc….,) to hoaxes are all distinct possibilities. Included in those possible explanations are artificially constructed extraterrestrial apparatus, in other words, alien spacecraft. 90 to 95% of UFO sightings end up being explained by mundane natural phenomena, a percentage which has been consistent through the decades, leaving 5 to 10% of UFO sightings unexplained. Of those remaining unexplained cases, how many are non-mundane in nature? Nobody knows, but the possibilities are fascinating and thought provoking to consider. It’s a question that we as a species should consider in the most serious way possible. Thank you for your time.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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