What If Crop Circles Are More Than We Thought?

It All Begins In Wonder

By David Pilz

What If Crop Circles Are More Than We Thought?

So what if the crop circles are more than just a form of communication or crop doodling?

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the crop circle phenomena by now, whereby symbols, hieroglyphs, shapes, images and more are showing up like magic in farmers crops across the planet.

I’m not talking about the fakery produced by a couple of drunken fools and a plank, but the real phenomena that makes your hair stand up when you step into the circle. I’m talking about the ones that cannot be easily explained by human standards. I’m talking about the ones that seem to happen in an instant when someone turns their back. I’m talking about the ones with the swirling glowing orbs that race in and out of the crops, leaving behind a masterpiece in mere seconds.

Not just in the UK, which for some reasons seems to have more than its fair share of these events, but around the world. Here in Canada I’ve visited two in different locations and my experience was interesting in both cases. I could sense an automatic physiological response within myself .. unique to anything else I’ve encountered and I’ve been around some pretty strange stuff this lifetime.

What if crop circles show up in other places besides crops? Snow? Rock? Water?

What if the reason they show up in crops is because we eat those crops after? The farmers don’t separate the crop circle crop from the non crop circle crop. (That’s a lot of crop). It gets put into the same silo as the rest of the crops and sent on it’s way to feed the masses.

What if a Starnation chief named BearCloud published a book explaining how crop circles, pyramids and ancient ancestors are a combined phenomena that also relate directly to some of the oral teachings. What if this important teaching has been widely overlooked as anecdotal by mainstream.

What if there is an energetic imprint on those crops that end up in our morning breakfast, or to feed the cow that we then eat and drink milk from? We’ve already proven beyond a doubt that we can contaminate food sources with external influences .. both physical and metaphysical.

What if it’s a subtle form of inoculation? What if those crop circles are influencing our DNA or lightbody? What if there is an active intelligence beyond our reckoning at play here? Like a Reiki master passing along the appropriate frequencies through the symbols they teach their students.

What if the crop circles that happened as a direct response to messages that we sent out into space were indeed communication with something beyond our earthly veil? What if the response crop circle was a handshake from somewhere out there?

What if it’s all just a piece of military drone tech that they have been perfecting .. cuz the circles do seem to be getting more and more sophisticated.

What if crop circles are a communication from the consciousness we call Gaia, our Mother Earth .. like momma gets a tattoo that everyone can see cuz she wants to share a teaching?

Man o man, this morning coffee has crop circle clouds in it today!!

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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