What Experience Do You Want!

So I’ve been sitting here lately, thinking deeply about some of the experiences I have had over the years.  Looking back, there’s nothing more that I would love than to experience some of those experiences again.  However, with the maturity and knowledge I have now on the subjects of the paranormal, cryptid and UFO worlds, I think, and I say that loosely, I would handle them differently.  Knowing what I know now, I would like to know what those encounters would be like now?  I think about this often.
I think about the UFO landing.  I think about the alien at the forest that I saw with Samantha Mowat.  These two experiences especially, because I would do things so much differently now.  Back then, in April of 2014, I was still trying to understand what all of these experiences were.  I had no clue why this was happening, especially at such a rapid pace.  With the UFO landing, I’d like to think now that I would have walked closer to it, to get a better look at what it was?  What did the craft look like up close and personal, rather than from a safe distance 150-yards away.  What was its shape that I couldn’t see through the trees?  Were there beings on the outside?  I didn’t see any from the distance I was at?  There was no sound that could be heard from where I was standing.  Was there sound closer to it?  What would have happened if I went up and touched it?  Would it have let me?  Would I have been taken, like Travis Walton?  I’ll never know?
The being I saw with Samantha.  When it invited us over to say ‘hello’, what would have happened if I walked over to it?  Would we have shaken hands?  Would we have touched each other’s skin?  Would I have survived?  Or had a heart attack out of pure fear?  I remember that as clear as day.  I don’t even have to close my eyes to properly repeat that afternoon encounter in the forest.  Samantha wanted to go over.  But I begged her to stay with me.  I mean I had just met her twenty-five minutes previous.  I was scared because if they took her, what would Mrs. SOR and our friend have said if I walked back into the house without her?  The possible implications were just as scary as seeing an alien for the first time.
Yet, here I am craving to borrow Andrew Basiago’s time travel jump room to go back in time to see these events play out again, except with different endings.  Braver endings.  Why?  Because I want to know. I want those experiences to happen again.  I would love to know what would have happened in say an alternative universe where I went up to both?  What would the results have been?  Look this is purely selfish.  This isn’t for scientific purposes, or even for writing a book.  This is for me.  Me only.  The problem with the paranormal realm in general is the experiences are so one-off, that when you don’t react the way you want to, you don’t get a second chance.  That’s a problem because you’re left for years kicking yourself in the ass that you didn’t act differently.  But it is what it is.  I know I can’t change the past, but I can be prepared for what happens in the future, if anything more interesting happens again.
There are other ‘things’ I’d love to see.  I’d love another encounter with Sasquatch.  I’d love to see how close I could get to it.  I’d love to see faeries up close and personal, like my daughter has.  Where she’d sit and meditate in our back yard at dusk or in the night’s sky and have faeries flying all around her, even landing on her.  I would love to see a black triangle floating in the sky again.  I’d love to experience what it’s like to see an active poltergeist.  I’d probably run, but I’d like to see it.  I’d love to see Carl at my window again, but this time, stare him down and see if anything telepathic comes through.  
As much as it would freak me out, I’d like to see a dogman.  Now, one of the indigenous elders I know had an encounter with a pair of them in my area a number of years ago while out hunting.  It’s the stories that I hear about these creatures being so tough and bad ass, that I’d like to see them for myself.  
Don’t worry though.  There are some creatures on the ‘OH HELL NO’ list.  Don’t care to see any sort of sea or lake monsters.  Definite NOPE to megalodon if he’s still out there in the vast oceans of this planet.  Have no want or desire to see any reptilian aliens.  Ghosts don’t really interest me that much anymore, because I understand the feeling for myself.  Unless they are in full body apparition.  Then okay, I’d like to see that again.  I know I’m not the only one who wants to test their fears.  Like me, there are thousands of people out there who want that experience to happen again.
The unfortunate part about it is, all we can do is wait, and hope………

Author: Dave Scott

Hi I'm Dave. I like hockey, fishing, my chainsaw, and ALIENS!

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