What Do We Know?

UFO’Real? A Historical Review

By William Pullin, UFO Historian

What Do We Know?

Greetings! What do we know? After decades of UFO sightings and investigations, we still have not arrived at any definite conclusions about the UFO phenomenon. Questions such as “Where are they from?” or “Why are they here?” or “How did they get here?” have remained unanswered. Multiple theories have been put forward to explain the UFO problem, all falling far short of being able to provide answers to the enigma, all failing to explain the data. So we are left with nothing but speculation and beliefs, none of which can be substantiated to any great degree. In today’s environment, sayings like “I know what I saw.” or “I know.” or “I don’t need evidence.” have become more and more commonplace. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Such positions are simply untenable and indefensible. If we are left with making such belief-based claims, then there is no further use for data, or evidence, or field investigations. This situation is extremely troubling, and downright embarrassing. Thank you for your interest and your time.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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