What Could It Mean?

Look at that thing dude

Beyond the knee jerk reactions of the different camps in the UFO community, what could this recent maybe, almost, kinda, sorta disclosure mean to the rest of us who are patiently observing our friends flaying each other in the mosh-pit of controversy surrounding the New York Times recent article. I was underwhelmed to say the least. If one looks behind the hyperbole, and the eye grabbing headlines, in other words, if we look at the substance of what was presented, we come away with the same feeling we would get when by proclamation, the emperor declares that “Water Is Wet!”
For the most part we are told that money has been spent to assess threats from the air by parties known, and unknown.  We know that the money to do this went more or less un-noticed, and that Bob Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace seems to have been the recipient of most of the estimated 22 million that was spent on the project. More business as usual in D.C. ? Sadly yes. Anything that was gleaned from the project was kept under such tight security that the leader of the project Luis Elizondo resigned due to his concerns with the secrecy and the lack of support from the government.
So what could the positive outcome of this charade be? When something is suppressed, and held back, pressure starts to build. Could it be that this clumsy UFO disclosure attempt may be the equivalent of Gorbachev’s Glasnost? Once the trickle of information starts it may well become a flood of disclosure that gains its own momentum. It doesn’t really matter who reveals the story, or who the players are. The important part is that the shroud of suppression is lifted.


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