What Are We Trying To Solve?

Dave’s Write Away
By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
What Are We Trying To Solve?
Hi there everyone!  I have a big question in my head that I don’t seem to understand?  Now I could go all off on this considering all of the mundane and superficial questions I have running through my brain at all times of the day and night, but I’m going to try and maintain some sort of focus here as I keep the direction of the paranormal world.  In the paranormal world, we live in a field that has some of the best questions that need answering.  It’s a field where the answers are out there, somewhere. Where they are hidden?  Nobody really knows because they will push even the smartest intellects to question their own validity, education and sometimes sanity.  Yes, we in the paranormal world are in a world of our own, following up some of the greatest mysteries that life has to offer.  The challenge of finding those answers are very real.  Maybe even impossible to track down.  But for the sake of intrigue and wanting to know, we continue on the quest.

This quest also leads to many concerns surrounding each and every field that we delve into; consciousness, alien life, UFO/UAP’s, bigfoot, dogman, ghosts, life after death.  You name it, and we are out searching to prove the very existence of any of these topics.  Why?  Because some finite, minuscule moment in time gave many of us the opportunity to see something so supernatural that it changed the entire course of our lives, in wondering what actually happened.  Did you see what you thought you saw?  Of course you did.  But how can you measure that in today’s reality?  That is a question that is still unanswered.

Across North America we have thousands upon thousands of people seeking those answers every single day.  Some very brilliant minds that are collecting evidence and data that would make even the biggest of skeptics take a second step towards belief of phenomenon.  The unfortunate part of many of these genres is the infighting and competition that seems to go on.  It’s really too bad, because if everyone decided to work together it would be amazing to see what kind of answers we’d be able to form with all of the evidence that’s been collected over the years.  Could you just imagine actually being closer to the truth than we are today?  Makes me shake my head at times wondering why we see all of this happening.  Locking down of locations.  Refusing to share and compare notes and evidence.  Secret locations.  Trying to debunk people’s hard work without any reason to it.  This isn’t even getting into the idea that there are those out there who are doing this just for the thrill and nothing else.  Even though technically speaking there’s nothing wrong with that.

What would I like to see?  I want to see answers.  I want to see open mindedness to where we are not choosing opinion over potential theory.  I want to see people searching for conclusions to these phenomena.  The reason why I personally lean more towards the UFO community than the cryptid and ghost communities is because they are closer to answering the questions than any other group is.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a supporter of groups like TTSA or MUFON or not.  The fact is the UFO community is getting closer.  Have they proven aliens exist and are here among us?  No.  But they have helped get the U.S. government to admit there are anomalous craft flying in airspace, to which they do not know the origins of where they came from.  What has the ghost community proven?  What has the cryptid world proven?  Nothing!  Is there evidence for the two genres that there’s something to investigate?  Absolutely.  But infighting, ego, and self promotion seems to take precedence over actually trying to solve the mysteries.  Which is too bad in the short and long term.

If I was an investigator, I’d decide ‘what is my focus’?  Why am I doing this?  What is my ultimate goal for ghost hunting or searching for cryptids?  So, if I ask ‘ME’ those same questions, I can definitively tell you that I have an absolute fear of death.  I don’t want to die!  PERIOD!  But I know it’s inevitable.  Just like it is for everyone I know and every single person on this planet.  So if the paranormal is real, and these are actual spirits we are talking to, I want to be out in the field trying to prove with 100% conclusion that there is life after death.  I want to know where I go?  Is it me?  Or is it my spirit?  When it comes to cryptids, I want to know what it’s like to have continual communication with Sasquatch.  I want to know its intelligence.  I want to know if it’s inter-dimensional or if it’s a primate type species.  I want to study all information I can find between those investigating today, and the history of this creature from an Indigenous point of view.  I want to know how this creature can just vanish.  I want to know what is so special about it.  This is looking for answers to solve mysteries.  Look my wants may differ from yours and I’m not saying you’re wrong and I’m right.  That’s not it at all.  But going into a haunted location to prove whether or not its haunted is not solving anything.  It’s ignorance.  Why?  Because you cannot predict if a place has spirits or not.  So you can show up at a location said to be haunted.  Spend your four hours there.  Get nothing for evidence.  It doesn’t mean it’s not haunted.  It means that whatever’s there chose not to communicate with you.  Sometimes it takes days, weeks, months.  And if this phenomenon is real, maybe they just didn’t like you bothering them and chose to be silent?

There’s nothing wrong with opening your minds to the possibilities.  The true fact of anything paranormal is we don’t have facts, we have opinions.  Even as we draw closer to some sort of UFO disclosure, right now, it’s all opinion on what these alleged craft may be?  This is why we continue with a ‘threat narrative’ on the subject.  We don’t know what ghosts are.  We don’t know if Bigfoot is a primate or an inter-dimensional being.  We don’t know if we’re being visited by aliens from another planet.  We don’t know if time travel exists.  We don’t know if there are a multitude of dimensions that are simultaneously happening around us.  We don’t know if portals exist.  In fact, we know very little.  This is why we can’t close our minds and our research to any sort of possibilities until they are absolutely, 100%, proven wrong by science.

Until we start being rational to fellow researchers and rational to the subject matters at hand, we know NOTHING!  That’s the hard hitting truth of it all.  Nothing matters but the evidence and what we are doing with it.  Right now, the majority of groups are doing very little to help find the answers or figure out the cause and effects.  We must do better.  We have to be better collectively.  We must learn to work together to figure out the answers to the questions we have.  We can do this.  But it all depends on whether or not the majority of people in these fields of research are ready and willing to work together!  So you need to ask yourself, “Am I willing to work with others to find the answers to make this happen?”  Once you can answer yes, you have the ability to start making the changes necessary to improve not only your own research, but the research of everyone else around you.  It’s that easy!  So easy it almost makes sense!