What Are We Missing From Experiencers

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
What Are We Missing From Experiencers?

Why are we so afraid to believe experiencers?  Why are we so quick to dismiss their claims of contact and knowledge given to them from beings from above?  I bring this up because in the previous two months, I have studiously interviewed Ryan Bledsoe twice, and Samantha Mowat once; two people with whom I’m very familiar, along with John Carty about his amazing experiences with the unknown.  People who’ve experienced something that seems far from everyday reality can be a little shocking to some.  The questions of ethics along with mental stability always come up.  However, to the people to whom these extraordinary occurrences happen, this is their reality.  It can be a very lonely domain that makes you fearful of life, and fearful of the people that surround them.

We must remember a couple of things when it comes to people with experiences.  None of them asked for this interaction with aliens.  They didn’t wish this upon themselves.  For many, the thought that this is happening to them is unconscionable.  Experiencers don’t like or want to be different.  They don’t want to live in fear.  Take John Carty for instance.  This is a gentleman from Philadelphia who at the young age of 15-years old, while home alone, was taken by the ‘Greys’.  When they entered his room John threw the blankets over his head to try and hide from them.  The next thing he recalls is waking up on his couch.  His shorts were on backwards.  He felt dirty and like something was wrong.  He went for a shower to feel a scab on his back the size of a quarter.  This traumatized him so much that now as a man in his 30’s, he still has a fear of sleeping in his bed at night because he’s not sure if they’ll be back again.  He’s afraid of commitment.  Nearly 25-years later, he still hasn’t told his parents about what happened to him at home when they were on vacation.
Now both the Bledsoe’s and Samantha Mowat have had different types of experiences.  Chris Bledsoe’s, for instance, has been more of a spiritual/religious type of contact.  Samantha has run the gamut between contact and MilAbs/MKUltra.  Everyone’s experiences seem to be unique to them.  Sure there may be some sort of crossover and similarities, especially if the experience is shared with other people.  But if you look closer, these scenarios being played out tend to be quite individual.  This can make it harder for researchers and scientists alike to have any sort of proper protocol on how to study the phenomenon.  Looking into why there’s contact, and what is that contact all about?  What is with these downloads people claim to receive from ET beings?  Symbols and consciousness?  How does it all tie in together?

We know scientists, government agents and scholars are looking into the experience phenomena with open eyes, even though it’s not very public.  Yet, there are those out there, the critics, who are quick to dismiss the experiences and accounts the exeperiencers are having.  Why?  That’s simple.  It’s because the accounts are so incredible, there’s no way they can be true. To most skeptics out there, the experiences seem contrived and created from watching too many sci-fi movies.  Therefore, instead of having a phone conversation with the experiencer, it’s easier to critique and criticize the person for making up the story than it is to actually research and contact the person to ask questions.   No, many in this field would sooner lambaste someone for alleged fraudulent claims, rather than contact the experiencer and ask pertinent and pointed questions face to face or voice to voice.  The skeptical mind is always made up before the conversation happens and learning begins.

It’s easy to dismiss the experiences people are having.  Millions of people are having things happen to them they can’t understand.  How do we know these people who are getting the downloads, and symbolism doesn’t have the answers within them?  With proper scientific study, we could possibly go further ahead.  This is why groups like the CIA and DIA are very interested in the Chris Bledsoe story.  Now, for the record I’m not saying every experiencer knows exactly what’s going on.  But there are those who seem more connected than others.  It’s those people we need to have studied in proper scientific fashion.  That’s the obvious answer.

But we can’t melt down the skeptics altogether though, because they are right and have merit as well.  They’ve been hosed and conned by people for decades wanting attention.  Videos and evidence have been hoaxed many times.  They’ve heard too many falsehoods to believe anything anymore.  Who can blame them?  People wanting their 15 minutes of fame have tried to pull the wool over researchers eyes.  The role of the skeptic is to hold people and experiencers accountable for their claims.  They’ve done a great job.  However, like anyone, they’ve at times taken it too far.  Being too critical, they disbelieve every story out there.

Some way, somehow, we have to bridge that gap.  Can we?  Who knows?  But it’s the only way to move the field forward, because with the right experiencers with the right scientists, we may find the unknown answers to the questions we all have regarding ET Contact and the future of learning consciousness.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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