Welcome To The UFO Power Couple Group

The UFO Power Couple 

By William Pullin And Venus Miranda 

Welcome To The UFO Power Couple Group 

Greetings! Welcome to The UFO Power Couple group! The UFO Power Couple is a new platform where my lovely sweetheart and research partner Venus Miranda and I take a light hearted look at the UFO topic and chronicle our adventures together. We encourage everyone to join our new group! 👽

Attacking the UFO problem from different angles, Venus and I joined forces, with Venus’ group “Alien Experiencers” providing a safe and respectful platform for UFO witnesses to discuss their events, and my group “UFO’Real? A Historical Review” dispassionately presenting the data. I began my examination of the UFO problem in the late 1980’s and have continued working in the UFO field ever since. I strongly advocate the extraterrestrial theory and the scientific method, and use critical thinking when examining the UFO problem.

This group is a light hearted platform for Venus and I to make our feelings known, post photos and selfies from our travels in the San Antonio area and “beyond,” and just have a bit of fun with the UFO topic, which is something I would have never done prior to falling in love with Venus. She certainly has opened my mind to many new ideas and concepts, and made me very, very happy and content! Many heartfelt thanks to my friend Cameron Logan for the outstanding image attached to this post! I sincerely hope everyone who joins this group has a good time with the content. Keep watching the skies!! 👽

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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