Welcome 2020! Wishes For The Paranormal Field!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
Welcome 2020! Wishes For The Paranormal Field!
As we prepare to say goodbye to 2019, and this decade, and hello to 2020, we have much to look forward to in the entire paranormal realm.  It’s easy to always look at the negative or who’s doing things wrong.  But it’s time to start looking towards the positives and what can be right as we move forward with this fascinating field of research.
To the UFO crowd, I wish you many steps closer to the real ‘Disclosure’.  My wish is that transparency and accountability come forward to help those learn more about the advanced technology, whether its ours or theirs.  And to those who have experienced strange phenomenon, all the answers they can handle as to what’s happened to them.  Both, we may not even be close to, but we’re allowed to wish aren’t we?
To the social media crowds who hunker down and express their anger and disdain through constant media attacks and trolling.  I wish you happiness and understanding that differing opinions can be healthy.  Debate is good.  Discussion is even better.  We’re not always going to agree on what’s the best way to get answers, but let’s put an end to the attacks and add more accountability to our lives.
To the paranormal field, I hope that you all strive to actually find answers to the riddles you’re trying to solve.  There are a multitude of theories out there that surround the mystery of life after death.  I hope you all can start coming together and bridging the gap in your research.  Bring your findings together so we can solve one of human kind’s biggest questions: Is there life after death?  Really, we all want to know.  And coming together would help bring us closer to finding out the true answers.
To the Bigfoot community.  My wish is that you stop being so narrow minded, and listen more.  There are countless stories and tales of this strange creature popping in and out of our realm.  If you’re refusing to research portions of this creature, then you’re nowhere close to solving its mystery of existence.  Keep an open mind.  Like the UFO community, bickering solves nothing.  Working together does.  Try it.  You may like it.
To those who claim they are doing something they’re not.  My wish to you is that you learn honesty in 2020.  Self titling your position, or hiding behind the word ‘science’ when you’re stressing your opinion is not healthy for anyone in this field.  Remember if you’re willing to lie about your credentials or beliefs, how can anyone trust your word or your research.  You’re the true black eyes of this community.  Imagine how far we’d be if you were just honest with the field and yourself, without the self aggrandizing?
To the psychic community.  Well you should already know the answer.  But most of you don’t, because I know it doesn’t work that way.  My wish is for accountability and integrity.  Many of you are extremely talented.  Yet there are still so many fakers and charlatans who are taking advantage of good people who need a boost.  Hold yourself to higher standards than the others.  Show and prove to those who need your help that your knowledge and wisdom is truly for the best interest of the people who seek you out for help.
To the astral community, may you continue to reach for the stars and come back down and tell us what’s actually happening out there.  May you continue to use your abilities to help yourself and others, without getting greedy and using your skills for nefarious reasons.  You may be able to hold the keys to many secrets out there.  Imagine if you put the cause ahead of yourself, what you’d be able to help people out with?
To the legends of our community, may you continue to bring us your hard work and research as you’ve done for decades.  May it be filled with a wealth of knowledge that everyone can enjoy.  May it be for the right reasons and not just about lining your pockets with greed and popularity.
To the SOR team, may you continue to have success in everything you do.  Your work for us is incredible and it’s because of you we’ve been able to grow to where we are, with no end in sight.  I wish you nothing but prosperity in all your goals and thank you for being part of this very special team.
To all of our listeners and followers, from the bottom of my heart, I hope you continue to have success in 2020.  Keep the positivity alive and keep pushing us to be better.  We accept that challenge on all fronts.  May you and the people who surround you have an amazing 2020!
Thank you to the past for teaching us the future.  Thank you 2019 for the important learning lessons.  Thank you to the future for what you have in store for us.  And thank you our friends…… We own the night!  
Welcome 2020

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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