We Need More Stories!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
We Need More Stories!
You know over the last year I have been talking a lot about the greatness of the Hellier Docu-series.  I think it’s been a great adventure that the Hellier team has taken us on through the two seasons that they’ve put together.  The cast and crew have done an amazing job in showing us play-by-play scenes of what they’ve been going through in this strange tale that started with alleged goblins in Hellier, Kentucky, and allowing us to follow them down the rabbit hole, where they’re allegedly being inducted into some sort of magical ritual, with no end in sight.  How did we go from goblins to rituals?  That’s the confusing part.  But if you follow along, the string of evidence has taken them through some very strange circumstances that has the majority who’ve been following along wondering what’s going to happen next.
The excitement around the Hellier series has opened the eyes to many in the paranormal.  Previous to this, and still in the present, we are inundated with television shows that go to popular haunts to tell us whether or not they’re actually haunted.  In talking with listeners of Spaced Out Radio about this subject, they aren’t impressed and tuning out as quickly as they tuned in.  Lost is the art of story telling, which is what Hellier brings.  Which is what I believe is missing from paranormal entertainment.  Sure, some series are different, like Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allen on ‘The Dead Files’.  They tell great stories of mystery and intrigue.  However, for the majority out there, they’re all cookie-cutter shows doing the exact same thing.
What I would love to see is some mystery and intrigue.  Right across North America there are hundreds of stories waiting to be revitalized and conjured up into a great television show.  The beautiful part about it is you can provide an investigation with it as well.  Hundreds of stories of people who’ve mysteriously vanished.  People or towns terrorized by ghosts or monsters.  New places that have weird phenomenon like the Marfa Lights.  They’re out there.  Those are the stories that need to be told.  Need to be developed in order to bring the fascination back to television.  This is why Hellier is so different, and so wonderful.
Look, I know that many of my recent blogs have been a real love-in with Hellier.  I’m not denying that at all.  The reasoning is simple.  They’ve raised the bar on what’s actually going on in the paranormal world.  This is what we should be striving for.  Raising the bar.  Who cares if a place is haunted or not?  Doesn’t interest me whatsoever.  Not trying to be negative here.  Just trying to say that telling me whether or not a place is haunted is irrelevant to those who are already in the know about ghosts.  The television shows currently have done their history and research on the location they’re filming.  Take a few days to film, then its edited together.  How many times do we have to hear them say, “Did you see that?” or “Did you hear that?” and the video and audio show nothing?  It’s every show.  It reminds me when I was 20 years old, and I asked my Dad to go to the stippers with me and my buddies.  My Dad said no, he had no interest, because when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.  When I was 20, that statement seemed so far from the truth.  Now in my mid-40’s, it’s 100 percent truthful.  They’re all the same.
If we want to take the paranormal to a new level of entertainment factor on television, we need to be telling more stories of intrigue.  We need to be looking into some of these mysteries and telling the stories of those involved.  And when I say that, I’m not saying those cheesy reenactments of scenarios that happened a long time ago.  No one likes seeing D-League actors play the roll of you, and try to act out what you went through.  It’s bad, and there’s no time for that garbage.  We must strive to be better.  Going to locations that are previously known haunts aren’t exciting.  Sure, the technology they’re using is really cool.  But for entertainment purposes, after 15-years of the same show over and over, we as the viewers deserve more.
Yes, I do believe there’s a happy-medium in telling stories, and bringing in a proper and high quality investigation.  We need to be able to push the limits of finding these interesting stories and bringing them to light.  As stated above, there’s so many really cool stories that need to be told.  Personally, I think the reason why we haven’t seen much of this is because investigators are lazy.  Add to it, that once one of the big named television shows have shot their show there, now every other weekend warrior paranormal group HAS to go there and investigate.  We see this all too often.  Where’s the originality?  Why be followers?  Why not push the limits to something new?  Are we afraid to push the limits of what we need to be trying to find?  Apparently so.
I look forward to the day where we can push the limits to what we’re looking for and how we’re doing it.  It’s literally a great way to separate the pro’s from the amateurs.  I want to see stories about hidden gems from communities and towns we’ve never heard of with stories and legends we’ve never heard.  I want to learn about the obscure history of why you don’t go in certain mountains, or forests.  I want to know about haunted cabins in the woods or hidden mines where the miners were trapped in the 19th century.  I want to know about ghost ships, and hidden mountainous communities terrorized by bigfoot or dogman.  I want to know about haunted dolls sitting in a tiny museum where weird things happen in the night.
I challenge anyone to take it to the next level, like Hellier did.  Learn how to properly film.  Learn how to properly research.  Learn how to properly use audio.  Learn that not every shot has to be a close up.  Learn the history of a place.  Learn that there’s more to investigation than proving or disproving whether a location is haunted.  Learn how to tell stories, without telling your own.  Learn how to be yourself, and be a leader, rather than doing what everyone else is doing.  Learn to let the evidence take you where you need to go, and test your personal beliefs.  Learn how to be real.  We need more reality in this field.  So get out there and do it!

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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