Water And The Paranormal

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By MoonJoey 

Water And The Paranormal

The indingenous peoples of North America, the original paranormal researchers and investigators, have long held sacred the properties and powers of water.

Today, with the absence of empirical evidence of the paranormal, it is usually relied upon the experiencer to relate an associated event to everything from ghosts to Sasquatch to UFOs and aliens. Much depends on the character of the experiencer as to whether they are to be believed or not. Sometimes, the story is so powerful as to stand on its own merits. There is a described paranormal event experienced by Chief Plenty Coups of the Crow Nation, when he and his war party had embarked on a horse stealing raid against the Lakota, having to cross the Missouri River.

The raid was on their common enemy in those days, the Lakota. As with most covert activities, this was being conducted at the onset of dusk to add the advantage of darkness to their stealth. When sufficiently satisfied that darkness would soon be upon them, they removed their clothing and carefully marked the spot where they on their horses, would be swimming across the river, insuring that in the haste of their return they would find the same location to easily traverse back over to the other side. (I am taking a pause in the story to remind the reader at this point of many who have described having a “feeling” about being in a certain place, a feeling that makes them uneasy or feel something is not quite right. Now, back to the story). It wasn’t exactly a short crossing and the Chief had time to realize that something didn’t feel right when crossing. For one, the water where they were crossing seemed too calm as compared to other sections. There was no splashing of the water from changing depths and currents and the wind was earily calm. He felt compelled to drop a piece of fat buffalo meat that he was carrying, into the water as an offering. To his alarm, instead of floating, it sank beneath the surface as if weighted down by a heavy object. Not wishing to alarm the others, he kept this to himself.

As they continued to cross, one of his party, “Covers-his-face’ called out saying he couldn’t get his horse to move, that something he couldn’t see was holding him. Suddenly while still seated on his horse, both were lifted clear of the surface of the water as described by Chief Plenty Coup! Making his way over to aid his companion, the Chief stuck out his foot and kicked the water below the warrior’s horse. To him it felt like greasy feathers below the surface of the water that were soft yet slippery. Suddenly Chief Plenty Coup and his horse were also captured by this unknown force and he and his horse began to rise from the water just as “Covers-his-face” had done. They both held their courage and moments later both were suddenly released from the grip of the underwater power, their horses slowly sinking back into the water and began swimming again for the far river bank.

As Plenty Coup later stated, there are many things which we do not understand, those that are beyond us, and we meet them in this life, and all we can do is to recognize their existence and let them alone. Needless to say, upon returning from their raid, they chose to cross the river in another spot. To them it was something to be respected and part of the natural world.

Another story about water people comes from Pretty-Shield, a medicine woman of the Crows. She tells of having once gone to the nearby creek to get water and drawing closer to the creek noticed three naked women sitting on the bank. These women were strangers to her and were sitting near a location known as the black hole, called that because of the way it sucked in the wild white water of that spot of the creek. It was said that if one were sucked into this black hole, they would never come out again. As Pretty-Shield approached the edge of the water, the three women slid down the bank in her words, “like turtles,” and were sucked into the black hole. As Pretty-Shield reached that spot on the bank, she noticed the water no longer was fast and flowing but rather was calm and shallow. As she stared at the spot she saw looking out of the stones on the bottom, a woman looking up at her. She was not a Crow woman but instead had yellow hair and blue eyes, nothing like a Crow woman’s appearance, nor like any woman she had ever seen. She believed this person to be a sprite. She screamed and passed out. In her later years, Pretty-Shield stated she did not expect anyone to believe her story, yet it was the truth.

The significance of water in paranormal and unexplained situations cannot be underemphasized. Some paranormal investigators do not take care to insure they are not followed home by a dark entity after an investigation. A suggestion by a particular Native American nation is that when you get home and feel you might be threatened by “the unseen coming close,” it is suggested you take a glass of water and put it by your bedside. Say in your mind to the unseen that it is bound to the water if it comes close. The laws of the unseen require they must obey the laws of the physical world. They get captured and in the morning when the sun is rising and its daylight, take the glass and throw the water outside (not the glass, just the water), and never inside the home. Do not throw the water out near any animal because the unseen have a tendency to cling to the four legged.

The “water sprites,” described by Pretty-Shield are considered the elemental guardians of water, looking after the many animals in it. Generally they are said to keep to themselves, meaning no ill will to others. Their playful nature injects a tell-tale energy (another one of those feelings you might get) around fast flowing waters and even surf. Due to their size, they are often mistaken for large insects and can be identified by their glistening, transparent-like wings.

For quite some time now there has been a paranormal theory concerning water. This opinion, fueled by the bablings of popular TV reality show figures such as a guy named Jason (you figure out the show), claims water fuels paranormal activity by creating energy (which contradicts the 1st Law of Thermodynamics) that can be used by intelligent entities to manifest themselves, but he offers no further explanation related to the mechanics of interaction of sound and water. Running or moving water contains a ridiculous low amount of electromagnetic energy just as our own bodies do. Did you ever point your KII meter at yourself? What did you get?

It might help to know the following in particular when doing audio recording for EVPs near bodies of water. Sound waves can be reflected or refracted. Refraction of sound waves is most evident in situations in which the sound wave passes through a medium such as water.

I reached out to Matt Winn, Au.D., Ph.D. University of Minnesota who is the Director of lab work that is supported by the NIH Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders. In reply to my question concerning acoustics, he replied, “As you might have guessed, it’s very easy to convince someone that they’re hearing language, because the brain tries very hard to find patterns even in random signals. And if the signals have any structural resemblance to speech, the brain fills in the rest. Although I imagine this is a roadblock for you in paranormal research, it’s also the foundation of why cochlear implants are so successful; they provide a very sparse and noisy signal but the brain can do a lot of good with it.”

In addition here summarized is an opinion from Daniel A. Russel, PH.D. who runs a Graduate Program in Acoustics at Penn State University. These excerpts from his analysis, in my opinion, should be taken into consideration when doing analysis of audio capture near bodies of water.

“A temperature inversion is when the temperature is coolest right next to the ground and warmer as you increase in height above the ground. The speed of a sound wave in air depends on the temperature. This can create a “shadow zone” region into which the sound wave cannot penetrate. A person standing in the shadow zone will not hear the sound even though he/she might be able to see the source. The sound waves are being refracted upwards and will never reach the observer. Temperature inversions most often happen at night after the sun goes down when the ground (or water in a lake) cools off quickly, while the air above the ground remains warm. This downward refraction of sound is why you can hear the conversations of campers across the lake, when otherwise you should not be able to hear them. (remember that they can probably hear you too!)”

Water as a paranormal medium remains up for debate but as is usual in paranormal research, there is enough to make you pause as to a possibility, enough to make you believe yet just a bit less than what is needed to move away from being stuck in the middle of the believer vs skeptic meter. As I always contend, if spirits exist, they aren’t waiting for you to come along. They’re doing what they intend to do, including choosing you and manifesting to you in one form or another. You need just have an open mind, listen, watch and be ready!

  • MoonJoey