So there’s this thing called a ‘Xendra’.  What is it?  Who knows?  But if you’re an experiencer, like I am of a bunch of strange and weird highlights in your life, it makes you want to try anything to try and understand what is going on with your own experiences.  The ‘Xendra’ or ‘Zendra’ is one of those experiences I’ve learned about recently that I can’t get out of my mind when it comes to experiencing what feels like the next step in my own personal advancement in not only my spirituality, but my knowledge when it comes to the other side.  So what is it?  What’s going on?  And do these Xendras work?  Are they even true to what they are?  So what are they?  Let’s learn about it!  A Xendra is basically like a portal that takes you somewhere.  Where?  Who knows?  Maybe to another dimension?  Another planet?  Or onto a spacecraft?  It sounds so sci-fi, that it seems like this would be one of those imaginary pieces of writing that seems way far out beyond any reaches of our current scientific methods.
People who have participated in these Xendras have said during their times of happening, a mist of some kind is created after a large meditation of people.  When that mist arrives, that’s when the strangeness occurs.  People who’ve done this before are like contactees.  Contactees are people believed to have an antenna to these experiences, possibly through some sort of alien implant.  These people taking part seem to know when it’s going to happen.  Many of these Xendras are in spiritual locations like California’s Mount Shasta.   According to famed researcher Grant Cameron, a Xendra is “an artificial concentration of energy that allows dimensional experiences at different levels. These portals, according to what the extraterrestrials have told me, are not entirely physical. They function more as holographic environments  where a person can be projected from one place to another, or receive information packets complete with guidelines and instructions for the short time they are in that energy.”
So with these portals showing up, what are people seeing?  Many are reporting alien contact.  Either from space, or from our future.  Some are terrified.  Some are curious.  Some are emotional.  Some are enlightened.  But the experiences are there.  So what are they?  Well according to www.exonews.org, here’s the breakdown.
a)  Xendra I: A kind of dimensional door designed for a single person in the company of an extraterrestrial being or guide. This xendra usually has the shape of a half Moon, about 10 meters (33 feet) in diameter and allows a physical experience of dematerialization with the local disappearance of the person and his projection to another place which could be the interior of a spaceship, an intraterrestrial or sub aquatic base or even another planet.
b) Xendra II: is that xendra in which up to seven persons can go inside while coordinated or accompanied by two extraterrestrial beings. This experience can also be physical or of a mental projection or bilocation and the shape can be that of a golden half Moon, oval-shaped, like an arch or different.
c) Xendra III-IV ‘Gimbra’ : This is the kind of xendra that allows up to 12 persons to go at once inside and it is usually coordinated by the Confederation’s Council. This xendra varies its form from something like a greyish silver dome to a whitish or glistening blue cloud or a dome where sparks float above the ground having a whitish surface. It can measure a diameter greater than 10 meters (33 feet). Unlike the other types of dimensional passages this kind of xendra facilitates a profoundly spiritual experience of cosmic integration. The other xendras can provide physical mental or astral experiences but many persons go through the threshold and don’t manage to remember what they experienced inside and this is why they might have to work during their meditations and conscious regressions in order to remember it.
So why do I want to personally do it?  It’s actually quite simple.  With the personal experiences I’ve had, it just seems like it’s the next step to talk.  I want to see if Carl shows up in one of these Xendra’s and takes me to what I’m apparently needed to go, or to learn.  It’s something I want to experience because I feel it’s something that is natural in the progression of me, both spiritually and for knowledge.    How do it?  I have no bloody clue.  But I’d love to try.  Time to find out!
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