Validate All UFO Data; Ask The Questions, Examine Without Bias

William Pullin

Greetings! Questions. The UFO field has a penchant for not asking questions that should, and certainly need, to be asked. These questions involve not only efforts at UFO field investigations, but questions concerning individuals’ backgrounds, the validity of data or testimony, and the activities of UFO “investigative” groups and the people who associate with such organizations. Blind acceptance of claims, testimony, and raw data does not move the UFO field forward, in fact, it keeps us spinning our wheels in place. It behooves each and every one of us, whether a field investigator, layperson, or historian to confirm the validity of each and every snippet of information we come across. Too often that does not occur, and what results are belief structures which are based on invalid data or claims, or the continued perception that the UFO field is not a legitimate concern worthy of a thoroughly professional investigative effort. As for myself, I make a herculean effort to validate all data, “chase footnotes” as my friend Kevin Randle is fond of saying, and examine, without bias, the various organizations in existence in the UFO community. Many thanks for your kind support and for the privilege of your time.

Author: Willam Pullin

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