From Beyond
Not of This Earth

By William Pullin, UFO Historian

Greetings! UFOs. The effort to obtain physical evidence of the UFO problem is quite a challenging problem. Yes, two problems. Whilst photos purporting to show unidentified flying objects are quite commonplace in today’s environment, and should be given our access to modern technology (cell phones and the like,) photographs which are of a high quality and contain measurable details are not so common. Of those that are members of that rarified species, how many contain images of non-terrestial, artifically created technology? Nobody knows. Nobody. The UFO problem presents us with an enigma of truly monumental proportions, complete with a slew of questions that reveal our limited understanding of the universe around us. We may not even be aware of questions that need to be asked. To my mind, this whole situation is fascinating, certainly a problem that challenges us to think “outside the box” and consider other possibilities. A problem we may one day, with any luck, be able to solve. Note: The content contained within the two images attached to this blog posting, after thorough examination, have been shown to be mundane and not of extraterrestrial origin. Thank you for your kind support and interest.