UFOs Are Off The Ballot! Guaranteed!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
UFOs Are Off The Ballot! Guaranteed!
I was really hoping it wouldn’t come to this, but leading up to this fall’s Presidential Election in the United States, I was one of the many who were hoping the topic of UFOs was going to be one of those silent but deadly hot button debates and discussions between President Donald Trump and Democratic hopeful, former Vice President, Joe Biden.  But now, I am strongly convinced our favourite topic of discussion is going to be a mere afterthought.  There’s too much happening right now to make the UAP phenomenon invade this election.
Let’s blame 2020 and COVID-19 for this one, shall we?  We were on the air with Jason Offutt discussing whether or not UFO’s would come up as a topic in the media, as it did in 2016, when then Hillary Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta, was egging on the media to ask Hillary about UFOs.  In fact, it was that campaign where we first heard the term ‘UAP’ when Clinton was being interviewed on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, and was asked the UFO question.  To which, Hillary responded, “And you know there’s a new name. It’s Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon.”  Now during that campaign in 2016, Trump blew off the UFO question stating there were more important topics to discuss.  However, the President has had a number of UFO instances happen during his tenure at the White House.
When the United States Navy came out and confirmed what we already knew about the Tic Tac, Gimbal and Go Fast videos, this opened up a whole new realm of possibility.  Thanks to the To The Stars Academy’s Chris Mellon and Luis Elizondo, investigative reporting by Investigative Journalist, George Knapp, pilot David Fravor, Fox News Tucker Carlson, Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean of the New York Times, and former Senator of Nevada, Harry Reid, this story has not fallen by the wayside and it normally has throughout journalistic history.  More media coverage than ever before.  As well, for the first time in history, the story has been taken seriously.  No X-Files or Twilight Zone music.  The story wasn’t buried at the back end of a newscast, only to be made fun of.  No.  The UFO story has been front page news, and in the lead stories on television.  Although I personally have been critical of how the mainstream media has covered this stories and left huge gaps and holes in it, credit needs to be given to the media for their coverage.  However, the detailed version of this being a ‘threat phenomenon’ is still very dangerous, in my opinion.
For his role in it, President Donald Trump, has been asked numerous times on camera about this phenomena.  He was even asked by his own son about opening the files on Roswell.  To which the President replied, “Roswell’s a very interesting place, with a lot of people who’d like to know what’s going on.”  When pressed if he’d declassify what happened in 1947, President Trump snickered and said, “Well I’d have to think about that one.”  Tucker Carlson from Fox News directly asked POTUS about the aerial threat phenomenon.  Trump said he was investigating it although he didn’t personally believe in aliens, he trusted his Navy pilots’ opinions.  Vague, but still sitting in there, taking the questions on the record.

Whether you like the President or not is absolutely irrelevant to the topic of UFOs.  It is my belief that the minute the President announced he and the First Lady, Melania Trump announced on Twitter they’d tested positive for COVID-19.  I was very excited about the lead up to this Presidential Election because it was just a few short months ago, the head of the Intelligence Committee, Marco Rubio, was publicly concerned in interviews stating there needed to be government monies allotted to studying the UAP phenomenon to find out if American adversaries were able to enter U.S. Airspace at their leisure, or if these craft like the Tic Tac, and probably what we haven’t seen released by the military yet, are of an extraterrestrial world.

But now, thanks to 2020’s party pooper attitude towards the planet, and President Trump’s positive test, this election will remain now a two topic debate; what to do about COVID-19 and the racial tension that is encompassing the United States from coast to coast.  Room for UFOs?  Not a chance.  Even though we can agree this topic has merit and needs to be discussed by the candidates and the media, right now, it’s been shoved back to where it’s always been.  In the dark part of the political basement where many feel it needs to stay.  Anyone who’s looked into this field with any sincerity knows this is potentially a story that will affect every single person on this planet.
Should it be a point of discussion, especially during the debates?  Absolutely, if the ‘threat phenomenon’ is real.  Chris Mellon and Luis Elizondo have been very impactful in meeting with Senators across the United States in discussing this matter.  However, during this election cycle, UFOs, in my opinion is a dead issue now.  With the White House now realizing that COVID-19 is very real, there is no room for sci-fi topics on the ballot.  We will now, most likely, have to wait and see who’s elected or re-elected, to restart the entire push towards UAP credibility.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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