UFOs Are Not Political

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
UFOs Are Not Political
Over the last number of months leading up to the U.S. Election and now beyond that, we have seen a real division in the UFO world.  To me, being an outsider in Canada, it’s actually pretty sad to see how the political state of affairs have taken over the research community.  Politics, no matter what side of the ledger you sit on, has brought a lot of spite and accusations that are really not necessary in our world.  Let me be very clear here to the UFO world!  The UAP phenomenon does not give two cares on whether you’re Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Libertarian.  This subject is so a-political it is unconscionable that people would even bring politics into the fold.
There are those out there like Paradigm Research Group’s Steven Bassett, or TTSA’s Tom DeLonge, who believe any sort of disclosure cannot happen under a Republican government.  There are those on the other side who think outgoing President Donald Trump is one of the only Presidents who broached this subject on a regular basis.  Even though he denied believing in the phenomenon.  Either way, guess what?  It does not matter.  It doesn’t matter about defense, because the spending in this military industrial complex will continue to grow.

Yet in the social media universe, we have seen the great divide between Republicans and Democrats in the UFO world.  The name calling and accusations have been atrocious at best.  Disgusting at worst.  There are no sides here, UFO people.  And we’ll break it down like this.  Not all Democrats are ‘snowflakes’, just as not all Republicans are racist or alleged ‘Nazi’s’.  These divisive comments hurt and ruin the entire credibility of the field and actually sets us back further.  We have all worked so hard to get to the point of where we could be closer than ever to any sort of confirmation or disclosure of the UAP phenomenon, and here, many like me are watching this field get pissed away by ego and attitude of those who choose to make UFOs political.  Now many out there will be like, “Dave! what the heck do you know?  You’re up there in Canada, so you clearly have no clue or understanding on what’s going on down here.”  Well actually, us Canadians do, because whatever happens down there affects us in the North American attic.  Call it residual politics.  Frankly, I’m done with it all.  Personally I have started stepping away from social media, because it’s become vile.  Ad hominem attacks on people, their characters or whom they support politically has taken over.

But guess what?  Do you really think these aliens that are potentially here have any care about your political stance?  The answer is no.  They don’t care.  Why should they?  In their investigation of this planet, I’m sure they’re already not so impressed with the way we as a human species are.  We’re violent.  We kill everything that comes in our way, from trees to animals.  Never mind what we do to each other.  We are the greatest reality television show in the Universe.  I mean we have to be.  This is a crap show and this goes well beyond the current situation on this planet due to COVID-19.  No wonder the aliens don’t want to come down here and introduce themselves!

But back to reality.  What’s hidden from the incidents like Roswell, or hiding at Area 51 or other secretive bases have no political affiliation.  We, as a small yet outspoken community need to start shutting our mouths and for once put the phenomenon on top, as the focal point of what we are trying to achieve.  If we want answers, we need to unify more than ever.  Personally, I’m at the point where I don’t have time for the political nature UFOs have become.  We can only control what we want to control.  UFOs coming into our airspace unexpectedly are a world concern.  We need to know what’s going on and why it’s happening?  Crash retrievals, potential alien contact has no favorite candidate or party.  No this is something that affects everyone on this great planet we call earth.

In the past couple years we, as the UFO community have made great strides in getting this topic to the forefront.  The mainstream media no longer looks down on us as a bunch of minimum wage, no dental plan, tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists.  Mainstream science is also very intrigued about the UAP hypothesis, especially with the potential of new toys, energy and propulsion systems to play with.  Politicians are now starting to look into the phenomenon as well, with wonderment about ‘who’ or ‘where’ is this coming from?  Everything has been set up perfectly the last few years.  It’s been a dream in the making for everyone in ufology, no matter if you agree or disagree with how we got to that point or if there’s an undermining hidden agenda attached to it, like the ‘threat’ narrative.

But we are being set back.  There is no place for politics or political sides in ufology.  People in this community need to drop the ego.  Drop the hatred.  Drop the bullying tactics and accusations just because someone has a different political affiliation, or opinion.  The tensions in the UFO field do not need to run this high.  We’re all in this together.  Let’s get back to it!  We’re better than what we’re showing on Twitter and Facebook.  If we want to push closer to ‘Disclosure’ or ‘Confirmation’, we need to work together.  NO MORE POLITICS!

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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