UFOs And Religion

UFO Commentary

By Tom Whitmore 

UFOs and Religion

The UFO phenomenon has connected with religions in history. Ezekiel’s Wheel and the Hindu Vaimanika Sastra are examples. UFOs have also been associated with cults such as Raelism and Heaven’s Gate.

With UFO social behavior in recent decades, we can discern certain parallels between beliefs and elements of religion. Here are a few:

Aliens – Angels, Messengers

God – The U.S. Government (all knowing and all powerful)

Flying Saucers – Signs and wonders

Scriptures – The MJ-12 documents, crash retrieval literature, declassified government information

Second Coming – Disclosure

Eschatology – Alien landing and takeover

Miracles – Alien healing, telepathy, transfer of consciousness, interstellar travel, materialization and dematerialization

Creation Myth – Alien manipulation of human biology, secrets of the universe

Apostles and Apostolic Succession – MJ-12 members, government insiders, corporate legacies

Gnosis – Inside knowledge of black projects, deep secrecy

Evangelization – Convince the world that UFOs are real, congressional hearings

Relics – Recovered saucers, UFO pieces, bodies

Dreams and Visions – Sightings, experiences

Persecution – Silencing of whistleblowers, ridicule of witnesses

Prophets – (Take your pick!)

Holy Ground, Pilgrimage – Roswell New Mexico, Area 51

Prayer – Channeling

Revelation – “Downloads”

Note: These examples are not meant to debunk UFOs or demean believers, but rather to relate metaphors and inspire thought.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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