UFOs And Magic…

Down The Rabbit Hole
By Aletheia Kardov

UFOs and Magic…

Join me in a thought experiment where it doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree, all the following is all made up anyway;


Two Villages…

Let’s say there are two villages that have never interacted with each other but in almost every other way they are identical, bar one thing. In one of the villages, all of the inhabitants believe in magic. They have a village shaman and believe in magics applications and effects and even consult the Shaman for advice on their lives.

The second village has no concept of what magic is and therefore has no basis of belief in magic at all.


Which community would be more likely to experience “Magic”?

Whilst these maybe interesting questions – There is no right or wrong answer, we simply don’t know, but could we apply the same line of thinking to Ufology and those that report sightings of anomalous objects in the sky and their bedrooms?


What impact does believing have on experiencing?


Giving Permission…

If we believe in UFOs and all of the associated memes, themes and theories out there as to what they “actually” are. By believing in these memes, are we giving an unseen phenomenon permission to exist as expected and to interact with us? Could it be as simple as the simple mental process of “believing” gives the phenomenon “permission” to manifest and appear before us?


Running with this theory as is, it does hint that there could be a symbiotic relationship going on between humans and the phenomenon itself. If this was the case, it could be assumed that certain people may have the power to summon the phenomenon either by will or indeed at times; accidentally.


The Magic Esoteric Occult Connection…

There may be uncomfortable Occult connections within Ufology, which surprisingly either people are not aware of or are and just choose to ignore. It could be argued that the memes and breadcrumbs that have been dropped for the UFO community previously – may well have “some” of these belief systems behind them, of which we are simply not aware. Should we heed the advice of the village shaman or steer clear of it all together?


Back at the homestead…

If there were two villages and one believed in UFOs and the other did not; Which village would have more UFO sightings?

I know which Village I would put my money on – where would you put yours?


(Photo courtesy of Heather Paris)