UFO’Real? A Historical Review – Partnerships

UFO’Real? A Historical Review

By William Pullin, UFO Historian


Greetings! Partnerships. My research partner Nicole Sakach and I have been working together as a team since the latter part of October 2019. Nicole is a resident of Hillsboro, Illinois, whilst I reside in San Antonio, Texas. Despite the geographical disparity, we have been able to conduct some quality research behind the scenes, thrown ideas off each other in an attempt to move the UFO research field forward, and continued to broadcast our weekly “UFOs: A Grounded Commentary” programs. We have also appeared twice on Dave Scott’s “Spaced Out Radio” in the past few months. Our approach to the UFO problem is grounded, scientific, and questioning in nature, although we attack the issue from different points of view. I have never witnessed anything anomalous in my life, but Nicole may have been witness to something unexplainable in her past. This distinct difference has made our working relationship stronger, and we consistently reap the benefits. Nicole brings a fresh perspective to the research table that I don’t possess, and she makes me ponder possibilities that I would not entertain previous to our meeting and working together. I am privileged to have such a professional, intelligent, and thoughtful partner in my corner! Thank you for your kind interest and support.