UFO’Real? A Historical Review – Fakes

William Pullin

UFO’Real? A Historical Review

By William Pullin, UFO Historian


Greetings! Fakes. The UFO field has a penchant for attracting “out of this world” claims and content. There are individuals out there who consistently post, share, and advocate the reality of images of unidentified flying objects which have been shown to be fake, or hoaxed. Such posts are void of any background information, or specific details which would add some credibility to the claims, but that is a non-issue since it is usually painfully obvious that the images in question are in fact, faked. Now, what influence does this kind of activity have on the UFO field? Well, for one thing, it muddies the waters, and researchers end up having to spend precious time and energy confirming the non-validity of such images. Secondly, there are witnesses out there who are reporting truly anomalous activity, and their claims and testimony might fall through the cracks as a direct result of having to debunk said fakes. In other words, hoaxed material distracts the UFO research community from examining data, cases, and testimony, which may bear fruit. This is not a positive situation at all, for researchers or witnesses alike. Unfortunately, the Internet, modern technology, and the actions of these individuals will most likely allow the situation to continue. Note: All of the images attached to this blog posting have been shown to be fakes, have been “making the rounds,” and were gathered from recent posts on various Facebook UFO groups. Thank you for your precious time.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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