UFO Related Programming On Broadcast Television

William Pullin

Greetings! UFO Related Programming. In recent years, there has been an increase in UFO related programming on broadcast television. These various programs range from dramas which are very loosely based on real life accounts, like History Channel’s “Project Blue Book”, to programs which are promoted as legitimate examinations of the UFO phenomenon, among other paranormal topics, like the CW’s “Mysteries Decoded”, to the History Channel’s “Unidentified.” Now to be perfectly clear, whilst not necessarily against such programming, I am very worried about how such programs portray the UFO topic, specifically the UFO research community. The UFO field has always struggled to gain legitimacy in the eyes of the public, with the scientific community being the most cautious and resistant to examining the UFO problem. In the process of creating, producing, and promoting such programming, some content has been broadcast which makes the UFO field look less than professional, and at times downright silly and not worth legitimate examination. In addition, certain individuals are labeling themselves in an inaccurate manner, which is a form of professional fraud. This situation should not be tolerated, and at the very least, those same individuals should know better than to portray themselves in such a dishonest manner. Terms such as “UFO Expert” or the much dreaded “UFO Journalist” have become commonplace in today’s environment, and project the illusion that those same individuals have educational or professional credentials that they in reality, don’t possess. As a research community, we all need to conduct ourselves in a highly professional and honest manner, keeping our credentials accurate and free of fraud, and in the process, painting the UFO topic as a subject deserving of serious examination, not a topic to be belittled or made fun of. Many thanks for your interest.

Author: Willam Pullin

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