UFO’ Real, A Historical Review – Stories

William Pullin

UFO’Real, A Historical Review

By William Pullin, UFO Historian


Greetings! Stories. In the decades-long history of the modern UFO phenomenon, there have been numerous events which have remained totally unexplained, or at the very least, have been shown to be anomalous. The Roswell, Rendlesham, and Kecksburg cases are among the cases most often discussed and argued about. Additionally, the U.S. Air Force’s Project Blue Book, and other such investigative efforts, are also discussed at length by many in the UFO community. While such conversations and exchanges of ideas can be quite constructive and productive, those same conversations can also be a breeding ground for inaccurate information and claims. Unsubstantiated stories about crash sites, alien bodies, witness testimony, and military activity or qualifications are far too common, and have a life of their own. Such invalid content muddies the waters, and surrounds robust and legitimately unexplained cases with “junk info.” In today’s environment, such invalid content is blindly accepted as true and is placed alongside information which has been thoroughly examined and found to be valid. As a direct result, many UFO cases have become part accurate information, part legend. That is unfortunate to say the least. Thanks for your support.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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