Top 10 UFO Researchers In 2020

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
Top 10 Researchers In 2020
It’s over!  The final buzzer of 2020 has sounded!  After a tumultuous year of epic proportion, we can finally give the middle finger to the year from hell, and look forward to a prosperous and hopefully life changing (for the good) 2021.  Even though 2020 will go down as one of the worst years of our lives due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, in the UFO world, there was some excellent and creative progress on behalf of many who really brought reporting and research to the forefront on many different levels.  These people should be highly commended for their work because they busted their butts to get this topic in front of the mainstream media, politicians, and to everyone in the UFO world.
So before I give you my Top-10, I want you to know that there are many great individuals who were left off this list.  In no way does my list disparage their hard work and commitment to the subject at hand.  I could be writing this for a couple weeks to get everyone on here and I’d still forget some of the great ones who’ve worked hard getting the news out.  So here is my Top-10 of 2020 in order!
#1) Luis Elizondo – The former ‘Man In Black’ was everywhere ufology turned in 2020.  He’s become the face of the subject, after working for years in keeping the subject secret as part of the governmental AATIP program.  A military veteran, Elizondo has seen things we in the UFO community cannot even imagine.  He was on television shows, radio and newspaper interviews everywhere.  His face has become synonymous with the subject at hand.  Along with Chris Mellon, Lue helped debrief politicians and media alike about the reality of the UAP phenomenon.  Not without his detractors, Lue’s message has remained the same.  We don’t know what these craft are.  We need to find out.  Until we know differently, we have to analyze these craft as a threat.  The unfortunate part of Lue’s story is due to his NDA’s with the United States Government, he can’t tell us what he’d likely love to tell us.  We have to take him at his word.  Sometimes in this field, that is hard to take.  But for now and in the near future, Lue Elizondo will remain the most important cog in the UFO information wheel.
#2) Tim McMillan – The former police officer who now does all of his research and work from a different time zone on a different continent, Tim McMillan’s reporting game has stepped up to becoming one of the most important reporters on the UAP phenomenon.  His improved writing skills, along with his knack to get important members of Washington, D.C., and the military to discuss the UAP phenomenon with him, and ‘On The Record’ is a tribute to his great work and ethics.  Breaking UFO stories like his “Inside the Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program’ back in February 2020, really solidified the importance of his journalism.  He’s burned very few bridges along the way, and in his unselfish way helped others solidify their own information.  When your sources are military higher-ups and government officials, it’s really time to pay attention to where the information is coming from.
#3) Chris Mellon – One thing is for certain, Chris Mellon does not need the money to be working on UFOs.  Yet here he is.  From the lucrative Mellon dynasty family, Chris Mellon has worked his way through Washington, D.C., and has been a huge reason why politicians such as Senators Mark Warner and Marco Rubio took keen interest in the Intelligence Committee meetings on the UFO subject.  So much so, Mellon played a key role in helping guide the elected officials to get a public UAP Task Force on budget for 2021.  Mellon is a key figure in moving this subject forward.  It wouldn’t surprise me, when all is said and done on the Presidential level, if we see Chris move back to D.C., and start working on this subject in some roll with the UAPTF or something similar.

#4) George Knapp –  The consummate investigative journalist, George Knapp has been at the forefront of breaking numerous stories and talking to very influential people regarding this subject over 2020.  When George speaks, the UFO community listens.  His job has always been KLAS Channel 8 Investigative Journalist, and bringing the news about this subject.  His close ties to sources like former Senator Harry Reid, Robert Bigelow, Skinwalker Ranch, and the To The Stars Academy has led George to bringing the most up to date coverage of this entire subject.  His influence, trust and and mainstream coverage of this subject continues to bring credibility to his reports.  His work with Coast to Coast AM delivers an impactful, long form journalistic look at the biggest players in the game.

#5) James Fox –  For the last couple of years, we had heard about James Fox working towards a documentary called ‘The Phenomenon’, but most in the UFO community didn’t pay attention.  That was until ‘The Phenomenon’ was released to the public.  For many in the UFO world it was a re-hashing of what we already knew about the past and what is going on currently.  But for those who don’t have a vested interest in the UFO world, it was a complete eye opener to the reality of what’s going on.  The film allowed those not following UFOs on a daily basis to open up their eyes to the names, players,  the cover ups, and the stories that are right in front of their noses, but they haven’t looked in depth at, as of yet.  I’m sure 2021 is going to be another year of great things behind the camera for James, as his credibility to tell stories continues to grow by leaps and bounds.
#6) Leslie Kean / Ralph Blumenthal – Since December 16, 2017, the UFO world has been anticipating anything that freelance journalist Leslie Kean and Pulitzer Prize winner Ralph Blumenthal would bring to the mainstream public.  Their objective reporting and due diligence literally paved the way for proper journalism coverage of this highly important subject.   Back on July 23rd, 2020 the tandem were back at it in the New York Times, breaking the news of the UAP Task Force, and how Senator Marco Rubio would be looking into setting up this task force to look into the phenomenon which has no issues entering United States air space.  As the topic continues to expand in Washington, D.C., it’s going to be interesting to see what these two intrepid reporters have cooking next.

#7) Grant Cameron – Grant Cameron is legendary in this field.  His knowledge and research has led him from Presidential UFOs and Charlie Red Star to Consciousness in-depth reports.  Such is the case for his work in bringing forward the Admiral Wilson documents.  Grant works with sources who help him push out some of the oddest yet most influential news that is out there.  The 15 pages of Wilson Documents literally had Grant shaking in his boots, not knowing whether or not to release them.  He knew they were real, but how real?   Leaning on friend and lawyer, Michael W. Hall, along with Richard Dolan, they teamed up to release the ‘Leak of the Century’. Grant’s work is impactful, and while some out there may think he goes off the deep end at times, his work proves that he’s always ahead of the curve.  Grant’s other important work of 2020 was putting a team of research assistance in Desta, Sinead and Nicole to help break down the late Stanton Friedman files.

#8) Richard Dolan – Richard Dolan’s continued seat on top of the UFO research pedestal remains unchanged.  In 2020, he released his latest book, ‘The Alien Agenda: A Speculative Analysis of Those Visiting Earth’, in my opinion, went back to the future with this one, looking at these strange alien species that are claimed to have been encountered by people.  What are the motives behind this controversial type of contact and abduction?  It’s a dip into the ‘WOO’, but in a serious connotation. This information is coming from somewhere.  The other part of the year where Richard stood out was with the Wilson Documents.  Dubbing them the ‘Leak of the Century’, Richard moved forward pressing the importance of these documents to both the mainstream and UFO public, exposing the private conversations of scientist Eric Davis and Admiral Thomas R. Wilson about the UAP phenomenon.

#9) Brandon Fugal – It was at the end of March of 2020, thanks to an exclusive story by MJ Banias, that we learned about Brandon Fugal.  The UFO Community had known for years that Robert Bigelow sold the notorious ‘Skinwalker Ranch’ in Utah; but to whom we did not know.  Enter the multi-millionaire, Fugal, whose charismatic attitude and intrigue led to a successful television show on the ranch, plus countless interviews on radio programs and blogs.  There aren’t many with whom Brandon won’t discuss the Skinwalker Ranch. His open personality has made him very popular in the UFO Twitter world.  He’s not afraid to take on critics about what’s truly going on at the playground of the odd and unusual.  Will there be more affirmation as to what’s going on in the Uintah Basin?  We shall see; but for Fugal, I believe he’s looking to expand his knowledge as he presses his team for answers to the strange phenomenon happening on the property.
#10) Steve McDaniel and ‘Science’ Bob McGwier –  Early in 2020 the UFO community started listening closely to a pair of very intelligent people, named Steve McDaniel and Bob McGwier.  These two individuals are designing and helping construct Sky Hub.  It’s a revolutionary way to track potential UFOs right from your own home.  The brain power in McDaniel’s technical savvy, along with McGwier’s technical and scientific background have made a huge step in helping ordinary people with extraordinary experiences soon become a reality.  Sky Hub isn’t officially complete and on the market, but the testing involved, so far, is providing some very intriguing results. Hopefully in 2021 we will be able to see the finished product move forward, as they look to make it an affordable tool for many in the UFO world to see whether or not they have anomalous objects actually flying over their homes.
Now we have honorable mention that must go out to the incredible work of people like Rich Giordano from the GUFON Radio Network, who stands as a pioneer in Ufology, has the most unique way of providing us with information, and does it all with an incomparable sense of humor. There is John Greenwald from The Black Vault and his impeccable work ethic in getting documents uncovered through FOIA requests.  To Garry Nolan and Jacques Vallee for their continued efforts in helping bring real scientific study to the phenomenon.  To Marco Rubio and Mark Warner, the American senators who are taking this subject very seriously.  There are people like Erica Lukes, Melinda Leslie, Geraldine Orozco, David Weatherly, Danny Silva from the Silva Record, Tom Rogan, Brian Bender, and others who have worked very hard at bringing forward any news they can in 2020 on the UFO Phenomenon.  This makes for a very interesting year as we look toward getting deep into 2021.  Will we get disclosure?  Or will it be finally ‘confirmed’ in 2021 that we are not alone in our Universe?  We shall soon see!