This Is Getting Tiring!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
This is Getting Tiring!
As astute as I am in trying to keep up to date with the latest trends in UFOs, Cryptids and paranormal research, I find myself getting tired.  Tired of reading and absorbing all of the new information, leaks, and testimony people have on their subjects of research.  But even more than that, I’m getting tired of the griping, the bitching and moaning because people are very loud on social media regarding their opinions and personal belief.  To be honest it’s absolutely exhausting to the point where I’ve made a conscious decision to start looking the other way when the debatable topics come around online, and seeing the vast amount of arguing that follows.  It’s tiring.  The negative energy that comes along with it all it at times too much to handle.

There is a reality here.  Whether you agree with it or not, it’s hard truth.  Maybe it’s truth in my eyes?  But through my eyes, this is what I see.  I see people arguing, mocking, insulting others for what their research has told them.  To the point where it becomes classless and callous.  The problem that we have here is that without hard core evidence and proof, it’s all speculation.  Nobody is wrong.  As well, nobody is right!  Hard pill to swallow, I know!  But it’s the truth!  Who out there has proven the existence of Dogman or Bigfoot?  Who out there knows the real agenda behind aliens and UFOs?  Who out there knows what a ghost truly is?  The experiencers, in my opinion, are a lot closer to the truth than any so-called skeptical researcher.  But the reality is, no one knows.

We see it all the time!  The Bigfoot debate between hominid and supernatural.  No one is actually trying to learn what a ghost is, or why it’s here.  We have definitions, but truly what it is, we have zero clue!  The chatter about aliens being a threat, from government officials on down is another case of controlling a narrative.  We don’t know!  We don’t know about gnomes or consciousness, or psychic ability.  We don’t know.  We only know what is there.  We know it’s happening.  But we do not know the why or the how to this very scientific equation.

So what do we do about it?  We pound our chests because we want to be the one who is right.  We cut down other people because their opinion differs from our own.  We make false claims about science and hide behind the word to make our research look more ethical.  We make up titles to make ourselves seem more important than what we are.  We take the time to mock and insult others who differ in opinions from ours, without sitting down and having rational conversation with said researcher, and asking why do you believe what you believe?  Why do we do this?  I think it’s ego that we want to be right.  We can’t handle being wrong.

In fields of study like this, opinion is way too powerful of a stance.  You know the old saying, opinions are likes asses, everybody has one.  Well, we could say there are a lot of asses in these fields as well.  Gone are the days of rational discussion.  In are the days of insult, social media, cutting down, and debunking.  Armchair researchers sitting behind a computer, smartphone or tablet arguing points because they don’t believe what another person is saying.  Gone is rational thought.  Critical thinking is questioned as well.  We have to remember that mostly all points are valid.  Mostly all research is valid.  How can we compute what is going on if we don’t know what the heck we are actually searching for?  We must do better at opening our minds to the possibilities of what could be, compared to what we think it should be.

The dogmatic approach we are taking is flawed.  It’s broken.  It’s also given people the right to use ego instead of logic.  One of the questions we have to ask is, ‘Is there logic to the illogical?’  Just because our current level of science, which is growing daily, does not warrant understanding of many of these anomalous creatures or scenarios, doesn’t mean the science isn’t out there for us to find.  It just means that we are not capable yet of finding the right scientific equation that suits the model of understanding when it comes to the paranormal and supernatural.  It doesn’t mean that currently we are wrong.  It may be that we are misunderstanding everything because of the limited capabilities we have with today’s scientific rationale.
As for the personal investments each of us have made to furthering this field in our own little way, we have to remember in the end, we are all people volunteering our time to do something that we love and do what we are passionate about.  Those who are getting ahead are doing it while keeping an open mind that the final part of the equation may be unexpected.  Therefore the top researchers are people who do not rule anything out until the science proves otherwise.  The rest of us have to lay off the social media for a while.  Take a step back and realize a couple of things; 1) This is supposed to be fun.  2)  None of us are getting rich of this!  3) Differing opinions are actually healthy.  4)  We need more communication between one another because the truth may lie in between our personal beliefs and realities.  5)  It was a lot more healthier for all of us when we looked to help others rather than cut them down.

I may be the dude writing this, but there are serious lessons for me personally as well that I need to improve on and take note of.  Let’s all just be honest and have fun seeking the unknown.  Together, as a team, we may learn, and eventually find the answers to what we are looking for!  So for now, I’m tired.  I’m going to sleep!

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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