This Hypochondriac Is Surviving COVID-19

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By Gail Hodson Shirk

This Hypochondriac Is Surviving COVID-19

My fellow hypochondriacs, how you all doing during these challenging times? I for one have been inundated with scary news, and “Oh shoot, what the heck, now?” on an almost daily basis. Since I have multiple health issues on a good day, this Coronavirus pandemic has played havoc with me and my state of wellness. And by wellness, I include good mental health.

The symptoms for this dread disease are exactly like the ones I experience with allergies and asthma. Currently the trees outside my apartment have giant fuzzy pollen balls covering each branch, and floating merrily through the air, where they are inhaled by everyone, or land on anything with a surface. If you have breathing challenges, just a few minutes in the ‘fresh air’, and these toxic pollen balls will knock you on your butt. And don’t forget the flowers. They are everywhere, beautiful and abundant; yet full of sneezy, eye watering, it’s hard to breathe allergens.

Energy? Gone. Pain? Everything hurts. Head, stomach, joints? All have run amok. Eyes are red, throat is sore, lungs are short of breath, sense of taste left a couple weeks ago, and now a new symptom. Yes! I almost fell out of my chair this morning as I read the newest symptom to possibly indicate Coronavirus has struck! Bruising on your toes and feet. Glancing at my feet in horror, I see the big, ugly bruise on top of my right foot. I feel the icy grip of terror trying to wrap its fingers around my brain, when I stopped it mid-grip. You big hypochondriac! That’s from dropping your coffee mug on your foot last Saturday. Get ahold of yourself, you big baby!

And so it goes, my daily battle with needing to monitor and maintain certain health related issues, keep current on symptoms that pose a real threat, as I am a very high risk person, and know the difference between what is normal for me, and what is unfortunate for those who have, or might contract the virus. It’s a struggle to be susceptible to suggestion of symptoms, and stay current on the news regarding each development as it comes along.

In the meantime, my plan is to stay inside, keep washing my hands from heaven knows what, follow my regimen for meds and vitamins, stop dropping heavy items on bare feet, and continue reading the news. Here’s hoping we all remain in good health, getting to our restored freedom as quickly as possible, with the least amount of damage. And my next step? I am ordering hot-cold paper cups until I can stop dropping things on my feet.

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Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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